Why This Move Is Going To Leave You Twerking ''All Night Long''

The title of this post has hopefully made you feel curious about what on earth I could be talking about, however if you want to know how you can transform an area of your body you are in the right place! Warmer weather means less clothing right, and with this kind of mentality it can put pressure on you getting into the right shape. So this post if you haven't guessed already is all about working your butt muscles and this is great for guys and the ladies! In particular I want to focus on one exercise which you can do with many different variations and most of all it is going to be fun.

The Exercise..

No, this isn't a squatting exercise, it is in fact lunges that you will be performing. So working your bum muscles or the glutes in particular can be a difficult exercise and for many of us it is our goal, to have a good bum! What can you do? Well apart from squatting you can perform lunges which really help target your glutes and makes them work.


Lunges do not have to be performed how most of us know how to do them, there is more to them than just stepping forward and dropping into it. Now, if you usually do your lunges by just stepping forward then it is time for you to welcome into your workout some different types of lunging which will target your glute area! So here they are with a brief description of how to do them

Reverse Lunging - Using a barbell and placing it across your upper back, step backwards into a reverse lunge and drop into it. This exercise is going to work your glutes and also your quadriceps.

Walking Lunges - Walking lunges are great and will test your balance, strength and endurance. Set yourself an area where you can walk up and down and feel the burn with this one in your glutes!

Jump Lunges - For this exercise grab a set of dumbbells and instead of planting the foot infront or behind you, you are going to jump lunges into the move. Start with one leg a part from the other and jump up on the spot until you reach your desired rep range.

Transverse Lunges - Using dumbbells again begin with your feet together and step out to the side with a lunge and return to your starting position. Again step out but this time into a diagonal lunge and back to the centre. Keep doing this with your same leg as you work around the clock and then change it up with the other leg.

Front Lunge with Foot Turned in - Performing a lunge with your front foot turned in slightly (not the knee) will mean it targets your glutes more. This is a great exercise where you can really load up some weight and hit those bum muscles!

Step Box Lunge - Stepping up onto a box into a lunge causes an increased amount of tension on the glute muscles. Alternatively placing your back foot onto a bench and your front foot on the floor will also work your glute area.

So there you have it, some great exercise variations to the lunge which you can include on your leg day workouts or as a separate session. Have fun, work hard and hope you ache ;) Oh, remember if you are aching, you can speed up your recovery process by using a whey protein shake for after your session so that you can get back in sooner.

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