Muscle Mousse – A dessert for every day of the week

Are you getting enough protein in your diet? And what is “enough”? Quite simply, everyone needs protein in their diet, especially if you are training. How much depends on your individual lifestyle and activity levels, along with your training goals! Taking it back to basics here, protein is a “macronutrient”, which means that your body needs relatively large amounts of it. Your body stores fat and carbohydrates but does not store protein – this means that there is no reservoir of protein to draw from when your body needs a new supply.

If you’re training hard and you haven’t eaten enough protein, your body can metabolise muscle for energy instead of fat, which is why high protein diets are important for anyone who is training. Protein and amino acids act like insurance – making sure that your body uses the fat stores that you have for energy instead of muscle.

When you finish at the gym, it can be tempting to treat yourself to one of those donuts you’ve been eyeing up all day (we’ve all done it!) but is that really the best option for your fitness goals? A treat here and there is great, but for most of us, it is the day-to-day diet management that can make us feel limited or that we are missing out on those sweet treats. That’s why if you haven’t tried Muscle Mousse already, it could be the perfect solution to help keep your diet on track!

Muscle Mousse is a luxury protein dessert that is the perfect snack to help you increase your protein intake. Each full sized serving of Muscle Mousse contains 30g of slow-release protein, making it the perfect pre-bed snack to help your body recover post workout – or any time of day when you need a filling snack to increase your protein intake!

Sometimes you can feel a bit limited with options to increase the amount of protein in your diet, but not with Muscle Mousse. At only 178 calories per full sized serving, 0.84g fat and no added sugar, it’s easy to see why thousands of customers are using Muscle Mousse to help them achieve their diet and fitness goals on a daily basis.

First created to give customers a casein product that was palatable, Muscle Mousse uses high quality, Swiss grass-fed whey and is a versatile way to increase your protein intake. Unlike a protein shake that won’t fill you up, Muscle Mousse is a satisfying dessert – you can drink it as a shake or leave it to set as a mousse. Even better, it will satisfy your sweet tooth!

You can bake with Muscle Mousse (protein brownies anyone?) and there are so many different options that you can create a different meal every day of the week, so you don’t get bored. You can mix Muscle Mousse in with your oats if you’re on a higher carb diet, make pancakes with it for breakfast or simply eat as a mousse for a tasty dessert. You vary your workouts, so why shouldn’t you have some variety in your diet as well?!

A favourite snack of Muscle Mousse customers is to mix peanut butter cup Muscle Mousse with almond milk or water, pour into moulds and leave in the freezer to set whilst at the gym. Waiting for you when you get back from the gym are super-tasty, guilt free frozen peanut butter cups!

Dessert is back on the menu!

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