What Makes Muscles Grow?

Are you looking to increase muscle size this winter? Are you eating lots of calories and looking to develop your physique but do not want to gain excess body fat? If you want your muscles to grow then you need to make sure you follow what I say below. First things first, make sure you have a small black book or something similar so you can record your lifts and progress.

The Muscles

First and foremost, in order for your muscles to grow there must be a sufficient amount of stress on them, this is also known as 'mechanical tension'. Without a stress on the muscles there is no requirements for them to get bigger and grow. There must be sufficient muscle damage for them to breakdown and then rebuild stronger and bigger.

Breaking Down Muscle

During hypertrophy training (muscle building) it is important to stress the muscles in different ways so you keep shocking your body. Moderate to heavy weights suitable to your body type will give a good stress on your muscles causing them to break down. There are different ways you can do this with your workouts so don't just stick to one way. By breaking down the muscle fibers and eating the right foods will cause muscle development.

Types Of Training

I always find it best to write everything down when it comes to training. Write down the workouts you are doing and when you are doing them, especially the exercises you performed too. This is great for tracking progress and you will know when to ramp up your training and when to take time off. Training should be fun and therefore you can include different training methods to stimulate the muscles and break them down. Remember this is the focus here, breaking the muscles down so that they re build stronger and bigger. Use different training principles like supersets, drop sets, negative reps and rest pause sets to increase physical demand on the muscles.

Recovery And Over Training

Feeding the muscles with the right fuel before, during and after training is just as important as training itself. Therefore recovery is vital for you to grow big and strong muscles. The main fuel your muscles need is protein and without it they won't develop as you want them too. Protein and branched chain amino acids are crucial for muscle development and they can be found in chicken, beef, fish, eggs etc. A diet high in protein will give the muscles the fuel they need to sustain moderate to heavy training sessions. Branched chain amino acids are building blocks of protein that is also required for your muscles. There are three in particular that are essential and these are leucine, Isoleucine and Valine. Training is important and you need to make sure you are getting in the training sessions but you also need to listen to your body. Resting is vital for your body so that your body can return to a normal state and it will give your muscles time to fully recover from the intense workouts. Rule of thumb, listen to your body and generally have at least one rest day per week.

Final Advice

Make sure when you exercise you are making the most of your time. Talking to your friends or speaking to a girl to arrange a date for Friday night isn't going to give the necessary stress on the muscles that you want. So stay disciplined whilst training and focus on what you are doing. Remember to keep mixing up your workouts with different training methods that will work the muscle in different ways. Finally, make sure you write everything down in your black book so you know exactly what weights, sets, reps and tempo you are working towards. When it is all written down it is so much easier to workout how you can progress from week to week. Guessing and leaving it to your memory is never a good thing and you should get into the habit of writing it down. Keep up the great training :)

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