Do Not Neglect This Muscle... Many Do!!


There are approximately 650 skeletal muscles in the human body, defining the exact amount is very hard so this is a rough amount. With this said the worse thing you can do is neglect a muscle by not training it, and there is one in particular that you are missing out on. Any guesses? It certainly isn't arms or chest, because we all see enough people will muscles here. I'm referring to lower body and in particular your calves! I understand that they are a hard muscle to grow, but neglecting them isn't helping anything. Your physique will look silly when it comes to wearing shorts and you haven't built your calves. Start now, ready for next Spring/Summer....


There are two muscles that make up your calves and therefore you need to make sure you are training them accordingly. You train both these muscles using different variations of a raise, here is the breakdown so you know exactly what you are working and why. In the lower leg you have the calf muscles which is also known as the gastrocnemius and the soleus muscle which sits behind it. To train your gastrocnemius you must have your legs straight and flex onto your toes. In order to work your soleus muscle which actually sits beneath your gastrocnemius, you must have a slight bend in your legs and raise. These are best performed while seated so that you have no temptation of straightening out your legs.

Targetting them through training

You will talk to one person and they will say you need to hit your calves really heavy seeing as you are on them most of the day, whereas another person will tell you differently and recommend another routine. What is correct? As you know with training there is no right or wrong way of doing something, so it will be a case of figuring out what work's best for you. However, I think when it comes to calves, you need to overload those babies so they GROW! This is what I recommend...

Your Workout

I think the best way of working your calves is through high volume and heavy weight, put them through enough and they will grow.

Standing Calf Raises - Hop on the standing calf raise machine or load up the smith machine and grab yourself a box to use. There is no reason why you can't improvise to get a gym workout going on your calves. Go for 10 sets of as many reps you can get, ideally anywhere between 10-15 per set is good with a heavy weight.

Seated Calf Raises - Again, set a heavy weight onto the machine or bar and lift for 10-15 reps once again. Lots of sets will help ensure growth, aim for 10 again so there is no way they can't change in size.

To increase growth ensure you consume enough protein and also use the foam rollers to massage out any knots you might have that inhibit growth. Get those calves growing!!



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