NEW PhD Diet Whey Bars - Product Review

We love protein bars here at Discount Supplements, they’re great for having in-between meals or on the go, whether that’s when out and about or when going out for the day.

It wasn’t too long ago we were reviewing the incredible new Smart Bar from PhD Nutrition which have being flying off the shelves - an incredible bar.

Well, now PhD have done it again with the brand new PhD Diet Whey Bar which replaces the previous version...and it’s one seriously big step up, big time!

Soft, low calorie at just under 200 calories per bar, great taste and has a real indulgent texture too - it’s pretty hard to believe that these are even protein bars...

So, What Are Our First Impressions?

NEW PhD Diet Whey Bars

When we first got our hands on a few boxes of PhD Diet Whey Bars for this review we compared them to the previous versions and we really like what they’ve done, these certainly feel more of a premium product.

The wrapping for the bars has changed too, overall the bars now have a very ‘clean’ and bold look.

Then when we open up the bar's wrapper we get to see what PhD have been working on, these new bars are clearly a completely new bar and not just a minor revision of the previous.

The Taste Test...

In short - these are some of the best bars we’ve tasted. PhD Nutrition have really done well here, very impressed.

NEW PhD Diet Whey Bars

We have a variety of flavours on offer here, each with their unique taste and it’s hard to say which is our favourite, but the Double Chocolate Brownie is excellent, it's indulgent, chocolatey and very brownie-like, chocolate lovers lookout, these may be your new favourite bar!

What Else is Different With Brand New PhD Diet Whey Bars?

  • Now a 65g bar, that’s 30% bigger than the previous!
  • 8g+ of fibre per bar
  • 20g protein
  • Added choc protein crispies plus a caramel layer

The Verdict

Taste - check

Texture - check

Macros - check

It’s hard to find fault with the new PhD Nutrition Diet Whey Bars and from the feedback we’ve been getting it’s not just us that loves them.

So if you’re wanting to get your hands on a great tasting, convenient, nutritional solution then add a box into your basket today right here at Discount Supplements.


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