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Well, it looks like August has been and gone; I’m not sure quite how this happened, since I’m almost certain it was like, February when I last checked the calendar. Anyway, sadly, this probably means that our summer* is nearly over, and the nights will start drawing in. Still, there’s plenty of good stuff happening throughout September and beyond, so watch this space!

*Definition of the British summer: a few, sunny days, interspersed with lots of rain, and constant moaning, regardless.

Let’s take a look over what’s been going on in the world of health and fitness this past month!

Olympic Games Rio 2016, Team Great Britain!

I think we all felt a sense of glory when watching the Olympic Games this year. Collectively, Team GB took home a magnificent 27 gold medals, 23 silver, and 17 bronze. Their outstanding athletic performance resulted in an overall second place on the Medals Table, beaten only by the US.

The highlights undoubtedly include gymnast Max Whitlock; not only did he win two gold medals, but made history by becoming the first British gymnast to win a gold medal at the Olympic Games!

Then of course, there was British diver Chris Mears, who was awarded a gold medal in the men’s synchronised 3m springboard, along with fellow contender Jack Laugher, also coming first place in this category. He also bagged a silver medal in the men’s 3m springboard!

British flyweight boxer, Nicola Adams, scored one for the girls (WOOOH!), adding a further gold medal to Team GB, and made her country proud by being the first Brit to retain the Olympic championship since her predecessor, Harry Mallin, back in 1924!

We also want to give a special mention to Wimbledon champion twice over, and winner of two gold medals in the 2016 Olympic Games, Andy Murray. The hockey team’s gold medal was a glorious moment; in fact each and every participant of Rio (there are so many) made it the phenomenal event it was. Team GB – you did us proud!

Happy Birthday Optimum Nutrition!

Industry favourite Optimum Nutrition have turned 30 (just like yours truly!). This milestone Birthday is a marker of success by the company who brought us Gold Standard Whey, along with a host of other, remarkable supplements that have truly raised the bar over the years in terms of quality. We have more to come on this, so keep your eyes peeled... but for now, we just wanted to wish ON a very Happy Birthday, and continued innovation on the health and sports nutrition front!

Brand Ambassadors

Our DS ambassadors are health and fitness enthusiasts/professionals who are passionate about all areas of training, nutrition and supplements, and want to join us in helping others to achieve their personal goals. We’re expanding our arsenal of such individuals; at the beginning of August, we asked for individuals who matched this description to get in touch. Your contribution will be rewarded with a monthly allowance on products, and plenty of exposure via our various marketing outlets. The response has been amazing, so we thank everyone who took the time and effort to contact us via social media. If you feel you fit the bill, don’t delay in letting us know here, because we’re making our selections as I type!

Joe Wicks: The Body Coach Launches on Channel 4

Personal trainer and online nutrition coach Joe Wicks, 30, has been described as a sort of hybrid of Jamie Oliver and Essex’s own Russell Brand (is this a bad thing?). Though he might be a bit of an acquired taste, I’m going to score him a few Brownie points! Here’s a man who’s passionate about building a lean body using the healthiest, most functional methods possible. Personally, I find his energy and enthusiasm refreshing.

Creator of the 90 Day SSS, the 30 Day SAS, and the Lean in 15 recipe/fitness books, it’s Joe’s mission to get people to shun ‘dieting’ and focus on results, using acute but realistic time frames. He’s now got his own TV programme (surprisingly) called Joe Wicks: The Body Coach, which aired on Monday 29th August. Tune in to pick up useful meal prep/nutrition tips – great for beginners, or those just looking to broaden their scope a little when it comes to eating cleanly.

NEW Product Arrivals

Our in-house personal trainer, Scott Riches, provides honest, tried-and-tested reviews of the latest product arrivals. Earlier this month, we saw the launch of PhD Amino Drive, an intra-workout/BCAA blend, along with Pro Pane, the most recent pre-workout addition from CNP.

Also on the list is PS Whey by Pro Supps, which is a fairly new range to our website. Scott reviews the Glazed Donut flavour; this company are renowned for having a slightly wacky stance on their products, including the aptly named pre-workout, Mr Hyde!

Click on the images below to read the full reviews!

PhD Amino Drive - Discount SupplementsCNP ProPane - Discount SupplementsProSupps PS Whey - Discount SupplementsProSupps Mr Hyde - Discount Supplements

See you next month!


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