News Roundup: December

It’s pretty hard to believe, but not only are we coming to the end of another month – but a whole calendar year! We hope 2016 has been a good one, and that 2017 brings even more in the way happiness, health and fitness!

The past twelve months have been pretty eventful, as it goes. Back in the summer, we saw the success of Team Great Britain in the Olympics – a truly memorable event that will surely go down in history.

We’ve also seen the launch of many a new product; where possible, DS have carefully and honestly tried-and-tested these for the benefit of our lovely customers (and also ourselves, a little bit – especially the foodie-based products).

Our prize giveaways have proved to be a hit, so the good news is, we have plenty more to come in the New Year! We appreciate your likes, comments and shares on social media; we aim to support you in reaching your fitness goals and bring a smile your face in the process. :)

We’re also chuffed to have our ambassadors on board, whose collective knowledge is invaluable. So far, we’ve seen some great contributions from Amy Fergusson, our female fitness expert. As a personal trainer, nutrition enthusiast and aspiring bikini competitor, we’re thrilled to have Amy as part of the team. Nathan Cruz – a pro wrestler – is our male ambassador, and we’re equally pleased to have him share his expertise via our blog.

Other highlights of December include:

New product arrivals

As mentioned above, we’re like little children on Christmas Day when new products are launched! Recently, we got our hands on the new Muscle Moose Juice; the name is entertaining in itself, but this follow-up to the ever-popular protein dessert is in the form of a fruity, refreshing energy drink. The formula contains zero sugar, along with B vitamins and BCAAs. Caffeine anhydrous is accompanied by l-tyrosine, l-carnitine and l-tartrate to offer proglonged focus and stamina – great before your workout, or any time you’re in need of a boost. You can read an in-depth review by Luke, here.

The endurance brand High 5 have launced Protein Hits – pocket-sized snacks that are delicious and protein-rich, yet free from added sugar. Natural goodness that’s perfect for all active and health-conscious individuals. Find out more by clicking here.

Clean-up your diet and fitness, ready for the New Year!

Our Superfoods Series helps you make the most of healthy eating in the simplest way possible. If you’re looking to ‘spruce up’ your diet (as it were), ready for January, this is a guide to some of the most nutrient-dense foods available for each letter of the alphabet, making them worth their weight in gold.

Earlier in the month, Nathan provided tips on how to gain weight cleanly and effectively – and who better to speak from experience than him? After all, he gained an impressive 80lbs through a disciplined combination of diet and training! Read the full article to find out how.

Plan to achieve success, and you will do!

Planning is everything, because it can literally transform your mindset and pave the way for success. We detail a few ways to help you plan properly – before you even set foot in the gym – in this article here.

Amy also delivers superb advice about tracking progress without being reliant on the scales. This is a great one for the girls or indeed, anyone who’s looking to make improvements to their physique. It offers another perspective, and a more reliable way to monitor the positive changes that are taking place; these cannot always be measured by numbers. It’s a great read!

We hope you feel inspired to set your own goals so that you can look and feel better in the coming months!

Wishing you a happy, healthy New Year (don’t do anything we wouldn’t do),

Zoe and the DS Team! :)

About the Author

Zoë is a qualified nutritionist; she holds a BSc in Human Nutrition (Hons), and is currently working towards her certification in sports nutrition, awarded by the ISSN. What you eat can greatly impact your health, well-being and exercise performance. Therefore, Zoë is here to support you in reaching your goals by helping you to make informed dietary and supplement choices.
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