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July has been and gone, but what’s been going on that could have any relevance to the good old fitness industry?

Eddie Hall 500kg Deadlift

First up, as you may have seen, Eddie Hall set a new HUGE deadlift world record. Eddie Hall was the first ever person to deadlift a whopping 500kg which was done at the First Direct Arena in Leeds. The 28 year old gave it his all and passed out soon after the lift in addition to telling the world “that nearly killed me”. With the huge amounts of stress being put on his body, we can only imagine how it felt! A real accomplishment and testament to his hard work - the record set on July 11th is no doubt a record that will stand for some time…good work Eddie!

Pokemon GO

There’s no doubt that you’ve heard at least something about Pokemon Go over the last month. It’s EVERYWHERE! Whether you are seeing others post about it online, or you’ve noticed the mobs of people walking around, phone in hand, looking on eagerly to catch a local Pokemon. Although it’s not everybody’s cup of tea, those who used to play games inside (whilst mainly sedentary) are now getting out and about with other people. In fact, many fitness apps have noticed surges in steps amongst certain populations of people, as they are now walking a lot more whilst playing the game! For more info see here.

Andy Murray Wins Wimbledon

Tennis is a huge sport in the UK, this years 130th Wimbledon championships was as good as any year with some real highs and lows. Murray won the men’s main even whilst Serena Williams fought her way to another victory for the women's title. Murray started off as an unstoppable force and didn’t drop a single set in his first 4 matches, going on to win against Milos Raonic in the final.

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