News Roundup: June

June has come and gone...with lots of new products being added recently to the site and the relative product reviews coming out thick and fast, we’ve been busy here at Discount Supplements!

Plus, we have a few other things that we’re excited to share with you soon too…

So what’s new?

Mars Protein Powder

Mars Protein Powder

This has done really, really well with us so far...since it came out there’s been a LOT of excitement around the Mars Protein Powder. With it’s Mars Bar flavour taste, the fact that it’s high in protein and low in sugar/carbs this protein powder is quite something, it’s as though a Mars bar has been melted into protein powder!

Ideal for pre/post workout, adding to porridge for Mars flavoured porridge, adding to whole fat milk for the extra calories or on it’s own as a shake this versatile protein is worth checking out for sure!

Mars Protein Highlights

  • Quality protein to support muscle fibre regeneration
  • Low in sugar/carbs (4g)
  • Authentic Mars Bar flavour! with Milkshake-like consistency


Flavor God

Flavor God

Spelt ‘Flavor’ God (the American spelling as it’s an American company) here we have a brand that is serious about adding flavour to our food!

You may have seen their seasonings on Instagram but now we’ve brought them right here to Discount Supplements so you can add one to your bundle!

With flavours like:

...and much more there’s plenty to choose from for people with all kinds of tastes, there’s even a Chocolate Donut Seasoning!

Not only are the seasonings great tasting, but they only use premium quality ingredients, they’re super low in calories and have the benefits of various herbs and spices.

Flavor God Range Highlights

  • Large Jars that last
  • Add variety and flavour to meals
  • Contain premium ingredients
  • Low in salt
  • Great for meal prep!

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Have a great July guys and we hope June was one to remember for you this Summer 2017!

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