News Roundup: May

So, May has come and gone and we can’t believe it! There’s been so much on keeping us busy that we’ve simply lost track of time...

But time waits for nobody and now we’re going to wrap up May 2017 with a good old News Roundup talking about some Fitness Industry news, let’s do this!

New Products & Offers

Well, as you may well know we’ve been busy this month adding hot deals and new products...

Deals wise, we have some pretty awesome BOGOF offers on right now...make sure to check them out! From Protein Bars to Protein Powders...there’s something here that we know you’re going to love.

When it comes to new additions to the site we’ve added a few items too, but what have we added?

Mars Protein Powder

The Mars Protein Bars have been selling like hot cakes here at Discount Supplements along with the Snickers Protein bars too.

Now, to add to the range we have the premium Mars Protein powder

Mars Protein

With that unique Mars taste it’s gone down pretty well with those who have given it a go, our first batch sold out pretty quickly - faster than expected in fact, great to see a healthy demand for the new product (it’s a similar story for the Bounty bar too, check out the review for those here.

Mars Protein Highlights:

  • High quality protein to support muscle fibre regeneration
  • Authentic Mars taste with a Milkshake-like consistency
  • Rich source of BCAAs (5.4g per serving)

PhD Smart bars

Well, the PhD Smart bars have really shaken up the protein bar category!

PhD Smart Bars

We are pretty blown away with the taste of these bars, that combined with the awesome macros makes these a contender for the Number 1 spot.

Following impressive feedback at BodyPower 2017 where the PhD Smart Bars were launched and what you guys have told us about the bars from your orders it’s safe to say these are going to make a real impact.

If you want to know more, check out our official PhD Smart bar review here.

The Flavor God Brand

Are you an Instagram user? If so, then chances are that you’ve seen an image or two of the Flavor God seasonings.

The Flavor God brand offers a range of unique seasonings that make your food taste amazing but without all the calories, not bad huh?

- It’s an American brand by the way...which is why it’s ‘Flavor’ and not ‘Flavour’.
From Pizza flavoured seasoning to Chocolate Donut...there’s something for everyone!

BodyPower 2017

The NEC in Birmingham was once again host to the huge BodyPower show that each year shows off some of the biggest brands in the industry from sports nutrition and gym clothes to more everyday wellbeing brands.

Not only that but top speakers, educators and athletes came from all around the world to spread their truth and message with those who came to the show. It was a great weekend, we made sure to visit the brands and see what’s coming this to say there’s some really cool stuff on its way!

Eddie Hall Strongest Man

Eddie Hall has made headlines in the fitness world once again, this time it’s because he won the World's Strongest Man event, the first British competitor to win the competition in 24 years!

After unbelievable performances in the Viking Press, Deadlift and the Squat Press rounds Hall scored enough to secure victory against his world class opponents, impressive stuff.

Well, that’s it for now, have a great June guys and we’ll check in with you soon with more topical fitness industry news, stay safe!

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