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We’re nearing the end of October, with the best part of the month yet to come: Halloween (of course). I don’t think it matters whether you’re five or 45; everyone loves a carved pumpkin (don’t they?).Anyway, make a note somewhere that the clocks go back this weekend – at 2:00am on Sunday morning, to be precise. Hooray! You get a bonus hour to do as you please with. This has absolutely nothing to do with fitness (unless you’re heading to the gym on Sunday morning) – it’s just a bit of practical advice to make your life that bit easier. You’re welcome.

Let’s roundup October’s events in a conker shell (do you see what I did there?). Cracking (and again).

DS welcome Amy Ferguson as an ambassador!

As a personal trainer and aspiring bikini competitor, Amy is passionate about all areas relating to health and fitness; naturally, we’re thrilled to welcome her to the team. As our new ambassador, Amy’s here to provide five-star advice on training, nutrition and supplements. She’s a great inspiration to women, but her experience and professional aptitude is valuable to our male customers, too.

Amy focuses on exercise routines that can help you to reach your goals in the most functional way possible. You can watch Amy’s glutes workout videos, here. Look out for more informative articles and videos from Amy in the near future!

Our Optimum Nutrition winner!

Ian Teruel was the lucky winner of the ON bundle at the start of the month, marking ON’s 30th Anniversary celebrations! Well done, Ian – we hope you enjoy your prize!

We’ll have plenty more opportunities to get your hands on some goodies in the future, so watch this space!

Jamie Murray is awarded an OBE

Jamie Murray, older brother to Andy Murray, paid a visit to Buckingham Palace just days ago, to receive his OBE! The 30 year old Brit won both the Australian and US men’s doubles titles this year; in 2015, he also helped Great Britain secure the Davis Cup – a first since 1936, which makes this a truly remarkable event.

Murray has been playing tennis since he was four years old, and was awarded an OBE due to his sporting contributions in tennis, as well as his charity work.'

New product arrivals

We aim to review as many new products as possible – even flavour variants. Our tried and tested approach can help you to make an informed decision before you order.

Here are a few of our favourite newbies this month:

  • Pots of Gold

Feel Free Nutrition Protein Porridge pots are a handy addition to your gym bag, store cupboard, or desk at work. You can even throw them in your car – with the lid on, of course (otherwise that’d be wasteful). When you’re pressed for time, or aren’t as prepared as usual, these little pots of gold offer ultimate convenience; you simply add hot water, and grab a spoon.

Aside from oats, you’ll find an impressive 34g of whey protein per serving, along with medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), to supply a balance of macros. You’ll also find added goodies like glutamine and HMB, to support muscle-building throughout the day. To read an in-depth review from Luke, please click here.

  • Head for the bar

Not that bar – we’re talking about two, brand new protein bars that are so good, they wouldn’t look out of place in the sweetie aisle at the supermarket. The first contender is from Grenade; earlier in the month, the latest flavour of Carb Killa landed on our shelves: White Chocolate Mocca. I’ve yet to meet someone who isn’t even the slightest bit impressed by Grenade’s somewhat ingenious, lean creation. These bars are so scrumptious and saintly that you can virtually see a halo radiating above them. They are truly a God’s send on your hungriest of days – especially when you’re craving something ‘naughty’.

With several flavours to choose from, there’s something to float everyone’s boat – I can pretty much guarantee that. No tricks here – only treats. :)

Yours truly sampled the latest flavour (a tough job, admittedly, but someone had to do it). You can read my detailed review, here.

Sci-MX Pro2Go Bars have had a bit of a makeover; the latest addition is the Caramel Crisp flavour. With a higher carb content (over 20g), these are best suited to our endurance athletes, and those looking to boost their muscle-building potential straight after training. Depending on your individual goals, these bars can provide a balanced snacking option that’ll help to keep you on track. Read Luke's review here.

  • Nuts about peanuts

Protein dessert is an ingenious little invention that allows you to reap the benefits of casein in the best way possible. Casein protein is superb – since it’s absorbed gradually (over hours), you’re essentially getting a ‘drip’ supply of amino acids that help to maintain an anabolic (muscle-building) state. When liquid is added to casein, it has a thicker consistency compared to whey, and tends to ‘set’ with a similar texture to mousse. Hence, the basis for Muscle Mousse!

The latest flavour from MM is Peanut Butter Cup – is there anything more divine? If you like peanut butter, that is. Said flavour was test-driven by Scott; to read his comments, please click here.

Until next month, have a happy Halloween. Best wishes for Diwali, too.

On that note, if you’re looking for something a tad different to your usual protein shake that features a seasonal twist, try our Pumpkin Spice Protein & Turmeric Latte, here!


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