News Roundup: September

So, September has come...and gone! But what’s happened?

Mr Olympia 2017

The biggest competitive Bodybuilding event in the world has taken place, the largest, leanest and most competitive Bodybuilders travelled to Las Vegas to compete for a placing on stage.

This year, the winner of the main event was yet again - Phil Health!

Bringing an impressive physique and battling against some very competitive names, he took his 7th Mr Olympia win, tying him with Arnold Schwarzenegger who also has a total of 7 Mr Olympia Sandow trophies to his name.

The placing were as follows:

1st  Phil Heath

2nd Mamdouh Elssbiay (Big Ramy)

3rd William Bonac

4th Dexter Jackson

5th Shawn Rhoden
In the 212 category, the UK’s very own Flex Lewis won his 6th Mr Olympia event, it was a tough category as usual but it seems like Flex is the guy to beat...yet again!

1st Flex Lewis

2nd Ahmad Ashkanani

3rd Jose Raymond

4th David Henry

5th Derek Lunsford

Grenade Carb Killa Spread

The Grenade Carb Killa protein bar has been seriously popular here on Discount Supplements in the protein bar category and now we have the Carb Killa Spread!

A delicious and indulgent spread that has added protein, is low in sugar and has maximum taste. Which can be added to porridge, spread on bread/toast or used as a dip for your favourite protein bars...this is a game changer for sure.

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Carb Killa Spread

Milky Way Protein Bars

Brand new to Discount Supplements we now have the incredible Milky Way Protein bars!

19g of protein per bar, that classic Milky Way taste and perfect for a midday snack these are already proving to be pretty popular!

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