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We’re getting ready to turn over another page of the calendar – autumn is rapidly approaching! I always class October as the official ‘leaf crunching’ month , and the definitive end to summer. Boo. Anyway, it’s time to put away the shades (which were worn for all of two weeks in total) and dig out the cosy jumpers and hoodies.

Still, now’s the perfect opportunity to get prepped for winter, and set new goals for the coming season, but first, let’s take at look at the highlights of September!

Phil Heath Wins Mr. Olympia for the 6th Year Running!

Phil Heath – otherwise known as ‘The Gift’ – grew up in Seattle, Washington, where he discovered his love of basketball. Playing for the varsity team during school was his main sporting pursuit; he then secured a scholarship – plus the sought after position of point/shooting guard for the Pioneer’s at the University of Denver, from 1998 to 2002.

Heath thrived on the basketball court. The zealous training involved was something he found highly gratifying; this level of dedication soon overflowed into the world of bodybuilding. After undergoing an impressive physical transformation, he went on to win his first, overall title in 2003: The Rocky Mountain NPC (National Physique Committee) USA Championship.

Since then, he has won several titles, including the 2008 Iron Man; in his first Mr. Olympia competition of that same year, he was placed in the top three contenders, which was a record position for a novice! Three years later in 2011, he smashed first place – where he has remained undefeated for six, consecutive years (now tallying Dorian Yates)! His most recent title was rewarded this month at the Mr. Olympia show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Heath also made his professional wrestling debut back in 2013, adding yet another string to his bow. Hats off to Heath for his sensational achievements; he’s certainly an inspiration, and a true icon of the bodybuilding niche!

Happy 30th Anniversary Optimum Nutrition!

Optimum Nutrition Birthday Cake - Discount Supplements
The pioneers of Gold Standard Whey are celebrating their 30th Anniversary this month! Over the past three decades, the expert formulations from Optimum Nutrition have helped individuals reach above and beyond their personal best. They consistently deliver a level of quality that’s signature across the brand – something which has earned them the reputation they deserve.

The DS team would like to wish ON a very happy 30th Anniversary! To mark this special milestone, they’re giving away a FREE, limited edition shaker with every purchase of their selected favourites! Click here to find out more!

NEW! PhD Diet Whey in Raspberry & White Chocolate – EXCLUSIVE to DS!

PhD Diet Whey Exclusive - Discount Supplements
We were chuffed as punch to be the official stockists of the NEW and indulgent flavour of PhD Diet Whey! Unsurprisingly, this has sold like hot cakes from the minute it landed on our shelves! A blend of premium protein sources with extra goodies like CLA, flaxseeds, and green tea extract are pinnacle to the product’s efficiency. If you’re looking for a versatile protein shake that’s designed to help boost fat loss and maintain muscle mass, then this is the ideal candidate.

You can read Scott’s review on the new flavour variety, here.

Special Offers on Bodybuilding Supps!

Autumn/winter is the time to acquire a little ‘extra insulation’ (even underneath those jumpers)! Look out for our special offers, designed to support you in reaching your muscle-building goals.

I’ll be back with more news next month!


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