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June is now over and quite a lot happened... It was an interesting month to say the least!
The EU referendum and Euro 2016 pretty much dominated the mainstream news for most of the month (as you probably noticed…)
However there was some fitness industry related news too, some of which ties into the EU referendum.

Launch of the Mainstream Brand Protein Bars…

House hold name chocolate bars Snickers and Mars released their own high protein alternatives.

Protein bars have increased in popularity over the years - mainly due to the fact that they taste a lot better than they first did and living a healthy lifestyle has become more mainstream. We’ve seen brands like Quest go from strength to strength since their release in USA, before coming here to the UK a few years ago.

It looks like Mars Inc. who make the bars, noticed what was happening and now here we have two big brands competing for their place too!

 Snickers Protein Bars - Discount SupplementsMars Protein Bars - Discount Supplements

The EU Referendum and Supplements Prices

Right now, it’s hard to know what prices will look like long term when it comes to sports nutrition products.

Once the dust has settled prices will no doubt stabilise (which is in everyones interest), it all depends on the value of the £ and how it does, so far the pound has taken a hit, but who knows what it will look like in a month or so.

To be continued…

438kg SQUAT - IPF World Championships Record

If you’ve not already seen it, check this out

Ray Williams won the IPF World Championships in Texas, USA for his team (USA) by squatting a HUGE 438kg (966lbs)…this is Ray’s 3rd consecutive individual title, looks like he’s on one serious role! #Squat

What’s been one of the biggest fitness news stories for you from June 2016?
Let us know in the comments below!

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