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Protein is your number one macronutrient which helps look after your muscle tissue by repairing it and building stronger muscle fibres. Whether you are trying to lose weight or build muscle, you need to make sure you have enough protein  for your body to adapt and respond to what is happening. Protein isn't the only food group you must ensure you consume but it's certainly one which is misunderstood, here's why....

Big Muscles

For many, if you consume protein or even have 30% of your daily intake it could mean bad things are going to happen to your body and your muscles in particular. I say this because a lot of people out there and maybe even you reading this now, associate protein with the reality of growing huge muscles like the top bodybuilders. This is in fact not true and in order to grow muscles and get big you need to be doing lots of other things along with consuming protein. So what is protein's role in the body if it's not building massive biceps like Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Role Of Protein

Well, as mentioned above, protein helps with a whole range of functions in the body but for the most part, it is going to help with repairing and rebuilding your muscles after a workout. Protein is consumed and then broken down into amino acids which are absorbed by the muscles which need it. So, protein primarily is there to repair the muscles after workouts and then used to re build the muscle so it's stronger and tougher, this is how you progress. Without adequate protein this happens...

Lack Of Protein

A lack of protein will mean longer recoveries which also means staying in pain for longer than required. DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) can keep you hobbling and limping if you don't meet your protein requirements for the day. Not meeting your protein target will also slow progress and take you longer to reach your end goal. For all of you wanting to lose weight and still aren't convinced, protein is going to really help you. It helps keep you full and keeps your metabolism fired up.

How Much

A common question is how much protein should you be having on a daily basis? Well, an easy way to work this out is by taking your weight in kg's and have 1g of protein per 2.2kg of body weight.

Casein Protein

A great protein to use before bed is a casein protein which is very slow releasing. It's the complete opposite of whey protein in terms of the way it's released into the body which is great before bed. Being a very slow release will mean it will drip feed into your body over night while your muscles repair.

Great casein proteins to use are as follows

Optimum Nutrition Casein

PhD Casein

Reflex Casein

These casein products can all be found here

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