Ninja Warrior Finalist Corbin Macken, His Motivation, & His Help for Heroes Mission


What drives you, what is your motivation, what gets you out of bed in the morning and tuned in for the day ahead? It may be money, fitness, commitments or the pursuit of an end goal. Motivation is subjective, you have to be attached to whatever it is you’re planning/ doing, entwined in it, but above all you have to be driven by the journey towards achieving it. Some people strive for recognition by means of self-promotion, whilst others want to achieve more subtle, personal victories to prove something to themselves. All of these types of people are fine, good on them for applying themselves to a worthy cause, but occasionally in life you’re acquainted with those selfless kinds, people who pursue something that doesn’t directly benefit them. Instead these people apply themselves to a far greater cause altogether, a memory, a principle and a brotherhood… and that’s exactly what Corbin Macken has done.

Meet Corbin...

Corbin is a customer of Discount Supplements, he regularly orders his supplements from us and uses them to fuel this purpose, but this isn’t about supplements…this is about Help for Heroes. As you can see from the picture above, Corbin is an avid supporter of the charity that gives practical, direct support to our wounded, injured and sick. Corbin served in some hostile tours and (for numerous reasons) has the Help for Heroes cause very close to his heart. Due to the man’s resolve and drive he decided to put his obvious athletic ability to good use and drum up a little awareness for the charity. Turns out he’s done a little more than that… Corbin has made the grand finale of what is considered the toughest obstacle course on television setting the stage for Help for Heroes all over national telly!

Ninja Warrior

Corbin is competing in the hit series Ninja Warrior which see’s absurdly athletic and gutsy individuals take on a gauntlet of testing obstacles that are designed to test every element of strength, agility, speed and courage. Obstacles include balancing beams, spring boards to cargo nets, wall climbs that would challenge Spiderman himself, extreme versions of monkey bars, and a dreaded running ramp which effectively sees the athletes running up a wall to victory. The types of competitors vary with free runners, ex and current sportsmen, and ex- military men such as Corbin. Corbin is very modest despite having made it to the grand final on Saturday, he insists that he is not an athlete and not following any particular training regime as such to get where he’s at. Corbin has the incentive of having served with people/ family that are very close to his heart, the Help for Heroes charity is one that is extremely close to him for a number of reasons, and this seems to be getting him around this course in lightning times!

Corbin’s Motivation…

Although it seems that there are many deep rooted factors feeding Corbin’s motivation, he has evidently gleaned an insatiable desire to do himself and others proud by representing the Help for Heroes charity. He says:

“I am trying to show people in my position struggling with motivation that you just need a target, we all just need a target… and that’s fitness!!”

He has a sports page for help for heroes and Ninja Warrior which he updates regularly sharing his progress. He would be ever so grateful if people would jump on the page, give it a like and share and use the momentum he has gained from Ninja Warrior to spread the real message behind this…helping to support and care for our brave military men and women through Help for Heroes. You can visit their site, show support and donate HERE >>>
Be sure to check Corbin out and give him your support when the final is televised on ITV this Saturday!

Also head over to his Facebook page and give him a like, comment and share, thank you >>>

From all of us here at Discount Supplements Corbin...get in there and SMASH IT bro!!!


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