Nitrate Rich Foods That Will Pump You Up!

Nitrates are huge in the supplement world for their ability to vasodilate, or basically widen your blood vessels. The benefit of widened blood vessels is that there is more room for blood to flow to the organs and muscles where it is desperately needed during exercise! A lack of blood to the these areas means a lack of oxygen, reduced removal of carbon dioxide and waste products, as well as improved delivery of nutrients and metabolites needed for energy and recovery.

So when you next eat, take a little time to consider the amount of the following ‘nitrate dense’ foods you are consuming:


Very high in nitrates (more than 250mg per 100g fresh weight)

Beetroot, spinach, lettuce, rocket, celery, cress and chervil

High (100-250)

Celeriac, fennel, leek, endive and parsley

Medium (50-100)

Cabbage, savoy cabage, turnip and dill

Low (20-50)

Brocolli, carrot, cauliflower, cucumber and pumpkin

Very low (less than 20)

Asparagus, aubergine, onion, mushroom, pea, pepper, potato, sweet potato and tomato


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