Nutritional Values Of Some Common Carb Sources

Carbohydrates are the bodies preferred fuel source, DO NOT completely exclude them for health and well being. This said, Carbs can be manipulated to suit a toning and defining diet plan which isn't at the expense of your hard earned muscle. Carbs effect blood sugar levels and your hormonal response in different ways depending on the type of carb you consume. Simple sugars such as glucose will cause a sudden spike in blood sugars, consequently insulin levels spike which can encourage the storage of fat! A more complex carb such as porridge oats would cause a slower release of sugar meaning insulin levels do not rise so abruptly so that the energy released is used instead of stored. An article is to follow this regarding how you can look after your Carb intake, but for now here are some images to give you an idea on the Carb content of a few common foodstuffs:


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