Mr Olympia 2014 Expo Weekend : Meeting Various Inspirational Athletes


The Mr Olympia expo isn't just about the huge bodybuilders like Phil Heath and Kai Greene, it appeals to many people because of how diverse the fitness industry is. At the expo this year I met and bumped into some fantastic people who are all wanting a similar outcome, to help others. Below is a montage of the athletes I met and a little brief explanation on who they are and what they do, just in case there are some you haven't seen before.

Scott Herman - A BSN Athlete and well known fitness motivator/educational speaker through his SHF website and YouTube videos. Scott was a pleasure to meet and I actually caught him in the food court area as this was the best time to grab him. While he was on the BSN stand the line was congested with people who desperately wanted to meet him, in my eyes this proves how popular he truly is.

Shaun Stafford - 2X WBFF World Fitness Model Champion who was born and raised in the UK was helping the guys out on the Optimum Nutrition Stand. Myself and Tom have met Shaun a number of times and it is always lovely to catch up with him. He was there for the whole weekend working with ON and sharing his experiences with everyone. He is another genuine guy with an 'ego free' attitude that appeals to many people. Pleasure to see you on American soil Shaun!!

Chris Smith - An American inspirational figure who has over 130,000 followers on Instagram and other social media sites. He is a certified trainer dealing in transformations and gives you daily motivational videos and quotes. He is the definition of being fit for life and knows the importance of keeping everything consistent. It was great to meet him especially as it was his birthday weekend and he was in full spirits.

James Ellis - One of my favourite all time fitness models is James Ellis who I actually thinks looks a little like Guile from the video games Street Fighter.  He was someone that I was most excited to see as he is an American and always incredibly busy with photo shoots and other happenings. As you can see from the picture he has a great physique and only weighs 170lbs which equates to 12 stone, super lean with great mass that earns him the covers he deserves. Thank you James for signing your latest Muscle and Fitness magazine that is great inspiration for everyone out there.

AJ Ellison - AJ is another WBFF pro but competes in Muscle Model and not the fitness category. What amazes me most about AJ is the fact that he is 38 years old and still holding down a truly, astonishing physique that has earnt him a  him top 3 over the past 3 years. He was great to chat too, we spoke about fitness and his clients who he loves helping and watching their bodies transform.

Simeon panda - The great Simeon from London was looking as colossal in person as you see him on social media sites, there was no let down! Naturally one would think that being this big would generate a certain arrogance but it is great to say he is a really nice guy that has a lot of time for people.

CT Fletcher - Finally there was CT Fletcher who is renowned all over the world for his motivational and explicit words that encourage others to train. We actually caught him out of the expo and in the Orleans Hotel Casino en route to watch the Mr Olympia competition. Even though he was rushing to get to his seat he was patient enough to chat and have a picture with us. I love CT and the whole crew, this was a great few minutes and we even bumped fists for Kai to win it, unfortunately even though that didn't happen it was still an awesome experience.

CT Fletcher Meet

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