Optimum Nutrition Protein Yoghurt Smoothie - Product Review

Creamy, tasty and packed with protein...introducing the brand new Optimum Nutrition Protein Yoghurt Smoothie!

This is something a little different, a protein product that combines the amino acid benefits of Whey Protein and the smoothie like texture from Yoghurt Powder (plus a few other things of course) to create a creamy and smoothie like result that doesn’t even need a blender!

Great in the morning or even during the day.

Some Product Highlights...


  • 20g protein per serving
  • Low in fat
  • No added sugar
  • Quick and easy to make and no need for a blender!

The Taste Test


Taste wise, this is pretty good and Optimum Nutrition have certainly done well. Along with the pleasant smooth and silky texture this makes for a great overall experience.

The Strawberry and Vanilla flavour we tried are simple and done right - solid flavour options.

In the morning, the taste is very refreshing and helps to you to get off to a great start whether taken first thing or after an exercise session for example.

The Macronutrient Breakdown


Marcos wise we’ve got 20g of protein per serving which is a solid amount for most people along with just 128 calories per serving too. Those wanting to bump that up a little simply need to take another serving (or half) to increase that protein amount, if you’re wanting a few more calories you can have this with milk or perhaps have some fruit afterwards - up to you.

Fat wise there is just 1.7g per serving along with 7.8g of carbohydrates which makes this product pretty versatile and able to slot into many nutritional plans.

Who Should Use this Product?

Those looking for a quick & easy smoothie like shake that can help you to keep on track with your fitness based goals should certainly make sure to check this out.

Final Thoughts

It’s got a lot to offer and makes for something a little different that provides many of the benefits of a protein shake, but just more smoothie like thanks to the addition of the Yoghurt Powder and the R&D team over at Optimum Nutrition!

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