The One Chest Move Which Is Going To Get You Those Awesome Pecs

What is the best move to build an awesome chest? Is it a press with a bar or a set of dumbbells? Is it performing multiple sets of flies on a cable machine? Do these military press ups actually build a decent set of chest muscles or are we just over thinking things? In my opinion the best exercise which is going to really work your chest and enhance overall development is through performing the major compound move. This might sound obvious to some of you but many of you will perform the same workouts the whole time and won't realise why you aren't making progress. So let's check out the exercise, how many reps you should perform and what kind of weight...

The Exercise

Whether this comes as a shock or not, hitting the flat bench to start your chest routine is what will give you the best chance of building an awesome chest. Using an Olympic Barbell will drastically increase strength and development of your pecs which is what you want. Some tips in performing this exercise and making sure you hit the chest muscles properly is by really squeezing your pectoral muscles throughout the whole movement. Flaring the elbows out to 90 degrees also helps and encourages more growth within the chest so be sure to do this during every rep.

Reps and Sets

Now, if you mostly perform 8-12 reps  on this exercise and stick to a maximum of 4 sets it is time to mix it up a bit. In order to grow you need to make sure you are lifting heavy enough so that you break down muscle fibres. Branch out from the 'norm' and perform different amounts of reps and sets so that you shock your body from what it is used to doing. There is nothing wrong with performing 12-15 reps with a heavy weight which tests you. There is nothing wrong with performing this rep range and having to break 7 reps in for a 10 second rest before finishing the final 5-8 reps.

When it comes  to sets, just like your repetitions try and mix this up by doing more than what you are used too. Your objective is to break down muscle tissue, in order to do this you need to push the boundaries on what you are doing. So if you perform 8-10 sets of flat bench you are going to seriously shock your body and this is GREAT! 

Weight And Tempo

As I have mentioned above, the weight you are using should still remain heavy so that you tear the individual muscle fibres and they can grow back bigger and stronger.  Naturally the weight you are lifting might go down a little bit due to the increased reps you might hit, but make a conscious effort not to reduce the weight too much. Keep tempo the same and do not rush through your sets.

Remember this exercise is the best exercise for building a well developed set of chest muscles. So no skimping out of reps and sets, make sure you put your all into every movement and squeeze the chest during every rep.


This new training method might leave you a little sore so make sure you are using a good whey protein to help with the recovery process.

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