Optimum Health Diet Protein Dessert

When dieting, having a low calorie shake between meals is a great way to curb hunger and provide your body essential nutrients to support recovery and muscle growth.


But sometimes, a change to a regular shake can make a real difference without adding a whole bunch of calories!

Well, here we’re looking at a super simple protein dessert that has all the benefits of the Optimum Health Diet Protein but a bit more dessert like you could say...


All you’re going to need:

  • 1 Serving of Optimum Health Diet Protein (we are using Strawberry here)
  • 150g of Vanilla Alpro Yoghurt (we have the dairy alternative version here)

...and that’s it!

Simply mix together and enjoy.

Add extra fruit if you like but if not, that’s fine...we have made this extra simple so that pretty much anybody can make it!


Diet Protein Dessert Macros


P 25.65g

C 18.15g

F 4.8g

Calories 223.8

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