Optimum Nutrition Whipped Bites Review

We love it when a brand comes out with something new and exciting here at DS. And Optimum Nutrition have certainly delivered on this front with their new(ish) whipped bites. As the name suggests, the inside is a soft, whipped filling, coated in a chocolate layer. The pack is also split into two smaller 'bites', as opposed to being one bar.

The bars are attractive to look at. The two domed mini bars are certainly more than a bite for most. One pack weighs 76g, much better for those of us who are usually left still hungry after a bar. For reference, a Carb Killa is 60g, and a Mars protein bar 51g.

At just 244 calories per pack, you're getting your bang for your buck with these!

With 20g protein and just 2g sugar per bar, these are an excellent choice for those on a calorie restricted diet, or those who struggle to hit their protein requirements. 8.1g fat is a little higher than over bars, but will keep you more satiated than a lower fat, higher sugar bar. Perfect to keep you going throughout the day!

There are some great. high quality ingredients in here. For example, the protein content comes from protein isolate, milk protein concentrate and calcium caseinate. Commonly, bars will use cheaper alternatives for their bars. Whey protein isolate is a very pure, well digested form of whey with virtually no fat, cholesterol or lactose. In contrast, the calcium caseinate is the slowest digested. This means that your body will be supplied with amino acids both soon after eating and in the hours following. As a result, you will stay full for longer and fuel muscle protein synthesis between meals!


Taste Test

My first thought... Milky Way but with more filling!

These are lovely, very soft and more filling other most bars (possibly higher volume because of the texture?). I have tried the chocolate and salted caramel and thoroughly enjoyed both. It's also worth mentioning that they don't have an overwhelming sucralose flavour. The sweetness is well balanced and has a very 'real chocolate bar' taste.

Enjoy with a coffee!


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Savannah Westerby. BSc Sport and Exercise Nutrition. Instagram: @savannahwesterby

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