Oreo Cheesecake (High Protein)

Welcome to one of my most popular protein cheesecakes… The Oreo Protein Cheesecake!


This idea stemmed for my relentless sweet tooth and unyielding love for Oreos. Baking has become a staple in my food prep, ensuring that my diet remains both balanced and interesting whilst also keeping those cravings at bay!






400g x Low Fat Cream Cheese


1 x Scoop Chocolate Protein Powder - I used the Optimum Health Ultimate Whey Protein


1 x Tsp Vanilla Extract


2 x Free Range Eggs


5g x Low Calorie Sweetener (Stevia)


1 x Oreo Biscuit (Or Asda’s Own Brand)




50g x Rolled Oats


50g x Peanut Butter


Toppings (Optional)


1 x Oreo Biscuit (Or Asda’s Own Brand)


Zero Calorie Syrup (I Used Chocolate)

Here is a video I put together of how to make the recipe, be sure to leave your comments with your favourite cheesecake flavours and toppings!


The thought of combining two of my favourite sweet treats into one macro friendly dessert seemed like too much of a good idea, so armed with my wooden spoon and apron I began to bake!


This recipe is incredibly simple and inexpensive to create, I urge you to try this one at home! Plus, you get the added flavour booster that comes from knowing that you’ve made them yourself! You just can’t beat home baking, that’s something money can’t buy right there.

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