Pectin In Apples Supports Fat Loss

The humble apple is a useful snack when trying to reveal those abs for many reasons. It’s consistency means you have to chew it which plays with your hormones helping your stomach to feel satisfied, the skin is a form of insoluble fibre meaning it is more satiating than many other fruits, and on top of this it contains a substance called pectin…another type of fibre known as soluble fibre. Pectin is found in plant cell walls and tissue, and if it is left in an aqueous solution i.e. water, then it swells and physically fills the digestive tract increasing the feeling of fullness. Soluble fibre has been seen to reduce total cholesterol and favourably increase HDL (good) and reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol.

Pectin slows the absorption of sugars into the body reducing the insulin response to eating and thus, reduces fat storage. The addition of fibre physically increases the transit rate of fat through the bowel meaning you absorb less total fat, and on top of this, it makes you feel fuller for longer and reduces the urge to eat.

So the image of the 6-pack clad apple actually holds true…only this time it’s time to put it on you! Granted an apple won’t do this in isolation, but you get the picture.

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