Can People Have ‘Training Aversions’ Similar To ‘Eating Aversions’?

You may have experienced, or at least heard of someone that has an eating aversion. Eating aversions refer to a subconscious inability to eat or drink something that has previously made you feel poorly, unwell or even physically sick. The repercussions of this is that you no longer have any desire to consume that foodstuff either through fear of it making you sick again, because you no longer have an appetite for it, or because you genuinely no longer like the taste. Quite amazing how this phenomenon can shape your whole outlook on eating and drinking, so can it then translate to exercise to?

To date there is no literature (that I can find) on ‘training aversions’ and avoidance of exercise, despite getting the impression that this is definitely the case for many people. One bad experience in the gym can be enough to turn people off for good! How many of us have trained so hard that we feel sick, or even physically vomit, maybe you’ve exercised and injured yourself causing you to feel pain, have to take time off from work, or stop you from doing something you love such as going for a walk with the family etc? For some people, this pain will motivate them to go harder and push on next time, but for some, it may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back resulting in a severe distaste to exercise and all its components, and thus a training aversion.

So it’s down to the individual to change their outlook on exercise, get back into it gradually, recruit the support of an expert and perform exercise in an environment that is comfortable to them. They could try walks in a walking group, swimming in an aqua aerobics class, or they could sign up to a bootcamp or other outdoor exercise group…the key is getting back on the horse so to speak, and NOT letting it get the better of you.

If you’ve formed an aversion for drinking a particular alcoholic beverage, that’s great news, but if you’ve alienated yourself from exercise…YOU need to change that!

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