What Is It With People Not Wiping The Bench After Use!?

Disinfectant spray, blue roll and a bit of courtesy is all it takes to maintain harmony in a gym environment…oh and not fiddling around with your mobile phone, but that’s content for another rant.

Provided your gym offer sanitation resources, there should be absolutely NO reason for you to have to wipe the sweat and residue left by the previous occupant of the machine or bench you are about to use. Most of us sweat in the gym, it’s inevitable, and if you don’t sweat you’re either super efficient or not pushing yourself hard enough, so my rant isn’t based on people sweating…it’s many those peoples apparent inability to clean up after themselves.

Is it so hard?

Either they’re too arrogant to wipe their s**t up or they’re too ignorant to even think of it, but whether they’re ignorant or arrogant is largely irrelevant because the outcome is the same, we gotta do their dirty work for them! There are instances where human error occurs and we genuinely forget to wipe, or we’re in the zone and skip onto the next exercise without thinking, this is annoying but forgivable. Those people that do this on a regular basis are dirty, discourteous individuals that wouldn’t know etiquette if it rocked up and slapped them around the face! Gym etiquette isn’t something that the posh and pompous individuals follow so that the personal trainer doesn’t slap their wrist, it’s an age old tradition that was respected and observed by the greats such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jay Cutler and Ronnie Coleman during their development, and later done by their respective trainers to save them the job.

Take a towel

The act of cleaning up behind yourself is made all the more easy if you just place a gym towel down before you perform your exercise. If you’d prefer not to put a towel down then simply carrying a towel around with you will hopefully remind you to wipe the bench after use. How many times do you see people walk around the gym covered in sweat only to then commence some weights and smear their fluid all over the equipment? Credit to them for doing their cardio, but make it easier and more pleasant for everyone by…

1.)   Performing resistance work BEFORE cardio for 2 reasons:

#1 You will maximise your muscular development by training on a full tank of glycogen (stored carbs) instead of using your carbs up on the treadmill…naturally this is assuming you’re training for muscular aesthetics.

#2 You will be in a ready made fat burning state from the moment you commence your run because you will have used your carb stores during your resistance session, leaving fat as your main energy substrate.

...and 2.) Wiping up after yourself…simple as that, no science, just simple!  


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