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There are many different compound exercises you can perform that will increase muscle growth and there are supplements to match this also. Occasionally however there are some individual exercises which are staple ones to perform in order to see a significant change in your physique. Clearly, these types of exercises need to be performed often otherwise you won't see the full benefits but there is one out of all of them which is more often left out than included.

Not Compound

As mentioned above, the exercise that I feel you should be using a lot in your workouts doesn't fall into a compound movement and therefore it might shock you to think that this exercise is going to work so well. Compound exercises such as squats and deadlifts are well known for there mass gaining/hormonal response it has on the whole body. These exercises work multiple muscle groups that only respond in one way - growth but we aren't interested in these within this post. This is about another exercise...

The Exercise

Again, this is an exercise that I feel isn't performed enough in the gym to enhance the way you look. If your goal is to build muscle mass and gain size then this is a MUST. Dumbbell Pullovers are an awesome exercise that work your lats, chest, triceps, biceps and core muscles. The exercise is not performed enough by people in the gym but it is something that will help increase size, here is why...

As I have already said this exercise works a wide range of muscles in the upper body and you can go pretty heavy with the weight whilst feeling stable on the bench. The image below highlights how to do the exercise properly..

When To Perform This

This exercise is best performed when you are training your back muscles and when you have a days rest between hitting your chest. As you can see you are stable on the bench and you lower your arms while arching your back into it. This then increases the stretch in your back muscles especially your lats and then when you bring the dumbbell back up, you will experience tension in the back and chest muscles.

To Make It Harder

If you wanted to make this exercise harder you can replace the bench with a swissball so that you have to engage more of your stabilising muscles. Your core and leg muscles will have to work a lot harder to keep you from falling off the ball, this exercise has just gotten a lot harder for you. I have done this using the swissball and it turns the exercise into a full body workout because everything has to work harder. Hamstrings are engaged more because your feet dig into the floor. Your quadriceps are pumped because they need to keep you hips up to prevent injury to your lower back.

Use this exercise to change your physique and let it transform how you look. If you aren't performing it, use a lighter weight and get the technique right before going heavy! Kill that workout!!

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