What Personality Are You? The Importance Of Knowing Oneself


It’s easy to overlook the way we are wired to think and act, what makes us tick and how this effects our lives either directly or indirectly, after all, we do this sort of stuff automatically right? Socrates famously said ‘Know thyself’, and it is this philosophy that can help us develop as human beings, too few of us take the time to reflect and understand the person we are, what we could be and why it might benefit us to take the necessary steps to being it.

When it comes to ‘knowing oneself’ though, it isn’t always as straight forward as we might like to think, and this probably one of the main reasons we fail to ‘get to know ourselves’ and fully utilise the potential we possess. Think of the things we could achieve if we cut out the crap, so if we didn’t like partying we took the bold steps to saying no every now and then (making the effort to go out is great, but don’t let it be all encompassing), or if we knew and accepted that we are doers that act on the spur of the moment rather than weighing up every possible eventuality. Think of the time we could save if we realised we act on a whim and instead sat back at looked at a scenario as a whole BEFORE we acted.

Well, if you’d like to start to understand yourself from the inside out, then consider the Jung and Meyer typology, a questionnaire that asks pertinent questions that will yield a 4- letter type formula by the acronym INFP (Introvert, iNtuitive, Feeling, Perceiving) which identifies what percentage of our personality fits INFP respectively.

Give it a go and see where you lie, from this you can start to think about who you are more objectively.


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