PhD Diet Whey Protein Water - Product Review

PhD Nutrition are a brand well known for their clean/sleek look, premium ingredients and a real focus on taste and user experience. A company that has high standards throughout, it doesn’t take much to figure out why PhD has such wide range appeal.

Within the PhD Diet Whey range we have the Diet Whey itself, the PhD Diet Whey Bars and now this - the PhD Diet Whey Protein Water.

Now let’s find out a little more…

What Is The PhD Diet Whey Protein Water?

In short, this product is a ready to go high protein drink which has a refreshing taste and is ideal to use pre, during or post workout, plus it’s well suited to be used during the day whenever you want to have a source of healthy, sugar free protein.

PhD Diet Whey Protein comes in two flavours:

  • Orange and Mango
  • Red Berries

Who Is This Suitable For?

If you’re the kind of person who lives a healthy lifestyle and is pursuing your fitness goals, chances are you want to include high quality protein into your nutritional plan.

This product, the PhD Diet Whey Protein Water, is ideal for the modern day fitness enthusiast who wants a premium, convenient protein source with the added benefits of B-Vitamins and L-Carnitine.

Those who are on weight management plans will no doubt find these ingredients appealing, in addition to the fact that each bottle has just 86 calories - not bad.

Key Facts

  • 20g of Whey Protein Isolate per 500ml bottle
  • Sugar free
  • Formulated with L-Carnitine
  • Contains 100% of your daily intake of Vitamins B6 and B12 which help reduce tiredness and fatigue
  • Just 86 calories per bottle!

Check out the PhD Protein Water here now!

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