PhD Nutrition Pre-WKT Burn, Pump & Perform What’s the Difference?

Pre-Workouts are simply a must have in your supplement arsenal if you’re looking to optimise your training.

I myself simply cannot train without a pre-workout, as I tend to struggle with energy levels and motivation as well as having difficulty focusing and achieving a good pump.

PhD Nutrition have a few pre-workout options to choose from, which range based on your goals, type of exercise and workouts.

In this article, and with the accompanying YouTube video, we will look at the differences between the following three products: Pre WKT Burn, Pump & Perform.

Pre WKT Burn

This product is the highest in caffeine of the three, with 225mg of caffeine per serving.

This product is also designed with a focus on weight management and its fat burning capabilities with the help of added L-Carnitine.

L-Carnitine is used to mobilise free fatty acids to be used as energy, this directly effecting an individual’s ability to produce energy from fat cells.

I would recommend using this product in the same way as you would use a fat burner, by taking a serving first thing in a morning or just before a workout.

I would use this product before any cardio session or before a football match or training session, as I feel the added fat burning effects and high caffeine content helps me to remain focused and mentally aware, as well as providing me with enough energy.

Pre WKT Pump

This product does exactly what it says on the tin! If you’re looking to optimise those muscle tearing pumps in the gym, then look no further than the PhD Nutrition Pre WKT Pump.

This product ingredients such as Norvalline, Citrulline Malate, Arginine, Betaine and Oxystorm™ which work in unison to improve blood flow to the working muscles, as well as improving nitric oxide levels and nitrates.

I find that this product works very well on its own as a stimulant free pre workout, however you can also stack this product with the Pre WKT Perform for example.

I like to use this product before any intense weight lifting or resistance workout.

Pre WKT Perform

This product does not contain as much caffeine as the Pre WKT Burn, coming in at 100mg per serving.

The idea behind this product is to improve exercise performance, whilst not overloading on caffeine thus potentially impairing performance.

With the addition of creatine, beta alanine and the unique blen of Peak o2, these ingredients make this product perfect for those high intensity workouts, such as interval training or weight lifting.


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