'Pimp My Shake' # 7 : Overnight Delight

So you’ve got your morning ‘Turbo shake’ ready to kick start your day, and your ‘Energising shake’ packed full of quick releasing energy to get you firing on all cylinders again after lunch. Don’t forget the ‘Immuno- protective shake’ you might want to consider in order to keep you protected during the day and after training, and not to mention your ‘Cinammon shake’ to help keep those blood sugar levels constant and fat burning fire simmering. ‘Pimp my Shake’ has brought many healthful, energising and growth promoting shakes, helping you reach your goals. Growth and recovery is a full time occupation, so things don’t just stop once the day is done…you gotta feed yourself at night too!

Get yourself the following ingredients to keep your recovery and growth going through the night:


-         1 scoop Whey Protein (flavour of your choice) (120kcal ; 24g protein)

-         2 teaspoons Manuka honey (look for Unique Manuka Factor of at least 10) (65kcal)

-         150g cottage cheese (1/2 pot) (110kcal ; 16g protein)

-         300-500ml water


Calories = 295kcal

Protein = 40g

Get all these ingredients into a blender (trust me it’s worth it) and blitz! The result is a whey and casein protein delivering fast and slow releasing protein respectively to keep your muscles fed over night. Cottage cheese is a dense source of protein with minimal fat and next to no carbs (around 6g for the above serving), its chemical structure is more complex than whey protein meaning it is broken down and absorbed more slowly, this provides a drip feed of protein to your muscle over the course of about 6-8 hours.

The importance of nutrition at night cannot be over emphasised, we grow when we’re resting, so give your body the best resources possible by getting a ‘Pimp my Shake’ Overnight Delight!

By no means am I suggesting you only consume shakes, there is absolutely no substitute for whole foods when it comes to all round health and growth. However some of the most catabolic states, and thus biggest potential for anabolism (muscle growth) is first thing in the morning, immediately after your gym session and last thing at night. So there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be having a Turbo shake first thing in the morning, followed by a protein shake after your gym session, and of course an ‘Overnight Delight’ before you enter the land of nod each day. Do be aware that the addition of cottage cheese may necessitate the use of more water (maybe 300-500ml) which if consumed too soon before bed may have you up in the night to visit the little boys/girls room!

For best results consume the shake approx 1 hour before bed.

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