Post Workout? Thirsty? How This Drink Can ReFuel You...

Are you someone that is constantly battling between staying fit and enjoying social drinking with friends? Do you see other people in shape and wonder how they can look so great and not require the urge to have a beer? If you are a beer lover yet want to take your fitness routines seriously, there could be a solution for you.

Recovery Ale

A Canadian Company is launching a beer called Lean Machine which is going to be developed as a sport recovery, low calorie beer. Whether you have finished an 18,000m sky dive, a gym session or another adrenaline packed activity, this drink is going to replenish your body's natural fluids which are lost during such a time.

What Is In It?

Lean Machine has been formulated with a proprietary blend of essential vitamins and minerals, alongside protein and amino acids for recovery. The table below highlights the key ingredients which are in a serving of this drink. Each can contains 77 calories, no caffeine, 2.5g of carbohydrates, low sugar content and is gluten free!

Problem Solved?

So this gluten free beer contains only 77 calories and the ingredients are there to boost recovery by putting back into your body what you sweat out. According to a study published December 2013 in the International Journal Of Sports Nutrition And Exercise Metabolism, beer can help overcome dehydration by bumping up electrolyte consumption. The beer only contains 0.5% alcohol which is slightly higher than other non alcoholic beers like Becks, but founder Ian Toews says he hopes the drink appeals to beer lovers who take fitness seriously.

Toews also said "We just thought that maybe we could do something that would support a drinker, make it still socially fun, and help them accomplish what needs to be accomplished after an aggressive workout''. 

Is This Something You Will Use?

A quirky concept which will appeal to some people but for most of us this is possibly just another gimmick which won't be a staple part of our diet. For most of us we don't like to drink alcohol that much as it is so to have something which is non alcoholic isn't going to lure us in too much. However, for those that enjoy a drink of an evening, or at the weekend with friends are more likely to use something like this after their workout.

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