Should You Use A Pre Workout Before Training???


Supplements are there to help support your goals and needs when you need them most. Most of you I hope will use a whey protein and bcca's to support muscle growth, recovery and repair. We often refer to these two products as staple ones in your diet because of these great benefits and the convenience of them which allows you to use them wherever you are. Today's topic however is whether or not you should use a pre workout supplement before training. I want to explain the benefits of using one and explore the reasons why you wouldn't want to use one, or what you could use instead.

Feeling Tired? 

The obvious reason to use a pre workout supplement is due to the fact you're tired and need a 'pick me up', right? Some will argue and say why don't you just consume a coffee and it's likely your response will be that a coffee just won't do. Most pre workouts are known for there high caffeine content which can ultimately flick the switch inside your head from tired to focused. What else can caffeine do to help you through a workout??


The association with caffeine is to lift you through a slump in your day as it helps you concentrate and give you the pick up you need. It's stimulatory effects are well known to us but did you know that it can also help with performance. Quite simply, caffeine acts as a bronchodilator which basically means it widens the air passageways to your lungs. So not only does it give you an initial boost it can also give you sustained performance results that will help you through any workout.

Beta Alanine

So let's look at other ingredients you might see in your pre workout shake that's going to help you, starting with Beta Alanine. You might have even seen this ingredient within your product but wondered what on earth it could be? This ingredient is really important and seriously affect your training in a positive one when taken before a workout. Beta Alanine is responsible for enhancing the amount of muscular contractions you can have before lactic acid sets in and forces you to rest. So this ingredient essentially reduces the lactic acid build up within your muscles, allowing you to push further through your workout. This can increase results especially if you're looking at muscle growth/fat loss as you'll be able to last longer and possibly lift heavier weights.

L -Arginine

Another amino acid which is put into your pre workout shake is L - Arginine and this again in my opinion is something which will help you greatly. What does it do? Well, this will vasodilate your blood vessels allowing more oxygen and blood to reach your muscles which in turn can increase the rate at which they work, giving you better results.

Reasons Why You Wouldn't Use One...

The main reason I can think why you wouldn't use a pre workout is if you're sensitive to caffeine as these usually have around 200mg in at least. I know if I use one after 5pm then I can't sleep until the early hours of the morning due to my sensitivity to caffeine but if you find yourself ok with it then this shouldn't be a problem. If you aren't bothered about having a few other ingredients tossed into the mix too then a pre workout supplement could really help you.

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