Primal Patterns

As human beings there is a set criteria of movements we should (if physically able) look to include into our training regimens, strive to develop and become proficient at, these include:

Gait (walking stride/stride pattern)

If you are far more proficient at any one of these movements then you have a higher risk of developing muscular imbalances, which cause osteopathic (bone) stress, neuromuscular disturbance and basically increase your risk of injury!

Ensure you are functionally strong i.e. able to apply it to every day movements, or primeval movements such as the Neolithic man might have performed when hunting mammoth or sabre tooth tiger! Do this by incorporating exercises that include all of the above, because if you train in the same plane of motion every time (sagittal, frontal, transverse) then you’ll become one dimensional and less functional, so expect to incur a few injuries!

Original Source: Paul Chek, How to Eat, Move, and Be Healthy!

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