Sci MX Pro 2Go Oat Bake Bar - Product Review

Newly added to the Discount Supplements website, we have the Sci MX Pro 2Go Oat Bake bars!

These are snack sized bars which not only pack a protein punch (15g of protein per bar!) but hit hard in the taste department too. Designed to curb hunger cravings and provide a healthy snack alternative to the general high sugar snacks that are available on the mass market today, they’re a welcome option.

Now let’s dig a little deeper to see what makes these little bars worth a look...

sci-mx Pro 2go Oat bake protein bars


When it comes to ingredients oats are first on the list, we love oats, not only are they tasty but they have a variety of health benefits including cholesterol benefits and a spectrum of vitamins and minerals to benefit from. Protein wise, we get some protein from the oats of course, but whey protein has also been added plus Glutamine Peptides (from hydrolysed wheat protein) resulting in a bar that contains plenty of premium amino acids to assist in the repair and recovery process.

Taste & Texture

We’ve got to admit, these bars are very moreish!

The texture is not overly soft or hard but somewhere in between whilst being slightly crumbly too, an excellent combination -  similar to a decent flapjack. Both flavours go well with the ingredients, you can choose from; Cookies and Cream or the Strawberry Cheesecake flavour. Wouldn’t worry too much about which one you go for as both options are solid.

Low in Sugar & Slow Release Carbohydrates

Many snacks are fairly high in sugar, however here...there’s hardly any to be seen! There’s just 2.5g of sugar per oat bake bar, meaning that it’s very low indeed. Sci MX have cleverly used sucralose to sweeten these taste tastic snacks - a calorie free sweetener that comes from sucrose.

Due to the ingredients used within these bars, you get a steady release of carbohydrates to keep you fuller for longer, the oats are considered to be low on the GI (Glycemic Index) which is a measure of how much carbohydrates raise blood glucose levels in the body, eating foods that are low GI help to keep blood glucose levels steady throughout the day.

Who Are These Suitable For?

  • Those living a healthy lifestyle
  • Individuals wanting a tasty protein snack
  • Anybody wanting a more health conscious snack choice

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