Product Review: Birthday Cake Carb Killa

It’s here! When Grenade teased another new product launching they had our attention! The carb killing company blessed us with the amazing Carb Killa Brownie not too long back, and the latest addition to the Carb Killa family has gone down a (sweet) treat!

The Birthday Cake flavour is a fantastic addition to an already strong line up of craving crushing, high protein, low sugar bars. Read our review below…

First Impressions

When they say Birthday Cake, they mean Birthday Cake! Firstly, the packaging amazing! As you tear open the shiny new wrapper, you will instantly be met by the sight of hundreds of sprinkles, at this point you realise Grenade aren’t playing games here. They mean business!

Taste & Texture

The flavour of these bars is something we’ve not yet experienced with the Carb Killa bars. We’re used to a chocolate coated, crunchy texture, instead we have a soft, succulent bar which you can easily rip apart, almost like a cake mixture! The flavour is a sweet vanilla as you’d expect from a Birthday Cake. I would recommend pouring a little calorie free strawberry syrup for an added fruity edge, or spreading some Carb Killa Spread


Each bar contains 218 calories and packs 20g of protein from a blend of milk protein and whey protein isolate. This makes the bars a favourable choice for anybody on a calorie controlled diet or with a daily protein goal.

Despite the fact that the bars contain 18g of carbohydrates, 15g of this is from polyols. Polyols are a sugar replacement sweetener, which are a form of alcohol sugar and contain around half the amount of calories as table sugar. They also have a massively reduced effect on insulin. In total one of these bars contains just 1.7g of sugar.

Each bar also contains 9.5g of fat.

Final Verdict

Overall I would rate these bars a strong 8/10. If there was a thin layer of strawberry jam, I would bump them up to a 9.5/10. I would recommend these bars to anybody that has a sweet tooth but is also controlling their sugar intake.

As these bars are trusted by Informed Sport, you can be rest assured that you’re consuming a high quality, clean product. Enjoy!

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