Product Review: BSN DNA Whey

The DNA Whey is the latest protein powder from BSN. Whilst it’s not brand new, we’ve had some people ask about what it’s like and as we’ve not reviewed it yet we thought we’d pull a tub aside and test it for you guys!

As you know BSN is a leading brand who put a lot into their products and aim to use the best ingredients, whilst also having taste and the overall experience in mind throughout a products development.

Product Highlights:

  • Each serving, has a solid 24g of protein
  • Excellent taste
  • Supports the maintenance and growth of muscle mass

The mixability of the BSN DNA Whey is excellent, we mixed a few shakes and we had ZERO lumps or clumps.
- Top marks

This product uses a protein blend to ensure that you get a sustained release of amino acids from each source, in addition to the benefit from each protein source.Whey protein concentrate & isolate are the proteins used here…meaning you’ve got some of the best proteins going to benefit from.

On top of that there are some sweeteners and thickeners to give it that milkshake like quality, not bad for a protein shake! #Yummy

As mentioned above, the taste is milkshake like and along with the texture it feels like more of a treat than a shake, which makes it something to really look forward to after a workout or during the day.
BSN have stuck to the solid Chocolate and Vanilla flavours, with both being done properly…hats off to BSN!

Excellent quality protein shake, that’s ideal for those looking for a great tasting source of protein to contribute to recovery/muscle maintenance & growth!


Check out BSN DNA Whey here >

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