Product Review: Grenade Carb Killa Shake RTD

It’s safe to say that the high protein, low carb Grenade Carb Killa bars have been a HUGE hit, satisfying the taste buds of fitness enthusiasts around the world. All whilst providing a solid protein hit to kick start those gains.

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Now Grenade has developed another product to carry the Carb Killa name, but rather than a bar it’s a ready to drink, high protein, low carb shake!
So what’s the verdict?

Taste & Texture

Well, all of the flavours presently available (Cookies & Cream, Fudge Brownie & Chocolate Mint) taste both reassuringly creamy and smooth...the flavours themselves hit the right notes and suit the names they’ve been given, no weird aftertastes - just great tasting goodness!


The Grenade Carb Killa shake is milk based using; skimmed milk, milk protein and cream as the main ingredients (for all flavours), this is what gives the product an indulgent feel.

When used between meals, the amino acids from the milk protein will be released relatively slowly, meaning you’ll be getting a steady release of amino acids - additionally this premium protein will assist growth and repair and at the same time keep hunger at bay due to the satiating properties of this particular protein source.

Each flavour is fairly similar when it comes to the nutritionals and what they provide macronutrient wise although each flavour does differs very slightly as you can imagine, but nothing that’s going to make a real difference for most people.

The Fudge Brownie flavour boasts (per 330ml shake):

  • 24g of protein
  • 9g carbs
  • Under 200 calories

Who Is The Grenade Carb Killa Suitable For?

Wanting a low carb, high protein, great tasting ready to drink shake?

The Grenade Carb Killa Shake has your’s hard to fault this product to be honest as it does everything that it sets out to really, really well.

Ideal to have between meals or generally during the day for a decent hit of quality protein and to tickle those taste buds...regardless of your fitness goal this product can fit into pretty much any nutritional plan as the carbs are so low making it a versatile option.

Product Highlights

  • High protein shake 24g+
  • Less than 200 Calories per 330ml bottle
  • Informed choice approved and accredited
  • Smooth Taste
  • Low Carbs & Low Sugar

In Closing

Grenade Carb Killa High Protein Shake RTD
Well this really is a ‘killa’ product that has obviously spent a lot time in development and it’s paid off!
This is an awesome all round ready to drink shake from the one and only Grenade.


We’ve got the Grenade Carb Killa Shakes available right now in packs of 8 at a great price!

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