Product Review: Efectiv PMP

We all enjoy a good pump in the gym but not all of us want the stimulants often found in a pre-workout. This may be down to us wanting to have time off stimulants, training late at night (and wanting to actually sleep!).

Well, if this sounds familiar PMP developed by Efectiv Nutrition may be just what you’re looking for...

Developed with fellow pump chasers in mind, the Efectiv Nutrition PMP supplies fitness enthusiasts with key ingredients to get a skin tightening pump in the gym during intense workout sessions!

Powered by ViNitrox

ViNitrox, developed by food technology company Nexira, is made from both apple and grape polyphenols, shown to:

  • Delay muscular fatigue
  • Increase muscular performance
  • Increase Nitrix Oxide levels

...So it comes as no surprise that Efectiv Nutrition has used this innovative ingredient within PMP to get the best results for its users.

Whilst working out we noticed that it helped us particularly during high repetition sessions, getting the pump a lot quicker than usual. It’s also worth noting by the way, that being well hydrated is key for this product to work effectively! Without enough water you won’t get a decent pump, but why? It’s all down to water being a large part of what fills out muscle cells and without enough of it, the muscles aren’t going to volumize fully - giving the pump sensation.

Other Synergistic Ingredients

Alongside the ViNitrox, we have creatine monohydrate tha assists to hydrate muscles and bolster explosive power in successive bursts. Plus citrulline - the precursor for arginine, which according to various studies assists to dilate blood vessels leading guessed it, a better pump!

Other ingredients have also been added to assist in protecting our cells from oxidative stress (Vitamin C and Nutmeg seed extract), which is very of course, very welcome.


We liked the fresh taste that the Efectiv Nutrition PMP offers.

Raspberry Ice, Strawberry Lime and Blackcurrent are the flavours available to enjoy before getting your pump on and they go down a treat.


In conclusion, the Efectiv Nutrition PMP is a solid addition to the Efectiv Nutrition range, the PMP pre workout delivers solid results and works with you to get your blood PUMPING!

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