Product Review: Efectiv Pro & Oats

We love protein & we love oats oats...put them together and what do you have? Protein and Oats!  Here we have an official Discount Supplements product review of the newly released Efectiv Nutrition Pro & Oats - an instant protein porridge (a.k.a proats) product that we can see will appeal to those wanting a quick, ready to go nutritional solution.

After trying out the different flavours we really liked them and think they’ll do well, anyway now let’s go into a little more detail...


When it comes to taste, the flavours shown on the pots match what’s in them quite nicely. Each flavour is done well and no flavour is overly powerful, sickly or too weak either - they feel about right.

The available flavours

  • Blueberry
  • Chocolate
  • Maple Syrup
  • Apple Cinnamon

Overall we’d say that the quality of the flavours keep in line with the rest of the Efectiv Nutrition range - it seems as though this brand doesn’t release a flavour unless it really works, which is great to see.


With the product being one which we need to add water, the texture can be made to suit you.

The guidelines provided suggest adding 75ml - 150ml of boiling water, although personally we found adding a little bit of water and going until the texture was about right (for us) worked perfectly (without a measuring jug) so it’s not like you need to measure the water out, but you can if you like...oh and mixing up the Efectiv Nutrition Pro & Oats can be done with the spoon which is found inside the pot, so if you’ret taking the product out with you, you won’t need to take a spoon!


The oats within the product are wholegrain oatflakes, meaning that first off we’re getting the benefits of wholegrain oats which includes anti-oxidants, fibre, vitamins, minerals in addition to the cholesterol improving effects.

In short oats = good.

Then we have the main protein source which is Whey Protein Concentrate (although oats are relatively high in protein too) and this contributes to the 22g of protein per pot, a decent protein hit from such an easy to eat, convenient nutritional solution #NotBadAtAll

Who Is This Ideal For?

People who are really going to benefit from the Pro & Oats by Efectiv Nutrition are those who lead busy lives and want an easy to eat, quick and nutrient packed solution to keep them going.

Perfect for putting in the cupboard at home, the drawer at work or carrying around just incase.

Product Highlights

  • 22g protein per pot
  • Just add water
  • Come in cases of 12
  • Great flavours
  • No added sugar

Final Thoughts

If you’re in the market for a tasty, simple, ready to go nutritional solution the Efectiv Nutrition Pro & Oats is certainly a product to consider and it get’s the Discount Supplements seal of approval.


Check out the product right here >

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