Product Review - FitJoy Protein Bars

New in stock to Discount Supplements, here we have the FitJoy Nutrition Protein Bars!

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Upon first impressions, we like what we see - quality packaging, a focus on good quality ingredients and these bars are also free from Gluten, Artificial Colours, Sweetners, Flavours and genetically modified products!

Now let’s go into a little more detail about this bar within this in depth review!

Product Highlights

  • Great taste & texture
  • 20g of protein per bar
  • 220 calories per bar
  • High in fibre (using VitaFiber™)
  • Whey isolate and concentrate blend
  • Low in sugar
  • Sweetened with Stevia
  • GMO Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Great for on the go or during the day


These FitJoy Nutrition bars are made using ingredients that really do tick the boxes for many health conscious fitness enthusiasts.

Using whey protein isolate and concentrate as the main protein sources, we are pleased to say that the FitJoy Protein bars provide premium quality proteins, which are released at various times - with the whey isolate being quicker to digest and release it’s amino acids and the whey concentrate having a slightly more gradual/tapered release.

Then we’ve got the VitaFiber™ that gives each bar it’s unique, chewy, satisfying texture...but the main benefit of this unique ingredient is that the fibre is highly soluble, low in sugar and has zero fat - a real premium ingredient to shout about for sure.

Real pieces! Each flavour comes with actual pieces of it’s flavour, we have:

  • Peanuts and cocoa in the Chocolate Peanut Butter flavour

Chocolate Peanut Butter

  • Almonds and ground almonds in the French Vanilla Almond flavour

French Vanilla Almond

  • Whey protein cocoa crisps & unsweetened chocolate chips in the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavour

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough name but a few!

Then we have Stevia, a natural sweetener that’s been used to really bring out the flavours that little bit more.

Taste & Texture

Overall, we’re very impressed with these bars in the taste department.

FitJoy have clearly worked hard to get the flavours ‘on the money’ and deliver a taste that’s not too sweet but at the same time is far from bland/plain

We liked how the bits (such as peanuts or chocolate pieces for example) added to the taste and when you bite into these pieces and chunks you get a nice crunchy release of flavour. Due to the VitaFiber™ used to create the bars, they are satisfyingly chewy and satiating too, this is due to the high fibre combined with high protein.

A great combination!

The high fibre content alongside the 20g of protein per bar makes Fitjoy an ideal solution for those looking for a high protein, filling snack without a whole load of calories.

Who are These Suitable For?

  • Those looking for a great tasting, high protein snack!
  • Health & Fitness enthusiasts who demand premium quality ingredients
  • Anybody wanting maximum flavour without the excessive calories
  • Gluten Free dieters

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