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Growing up I wasn’t very sporty or athletic, and as a teenager I was never comfortable in my own skin and in all honesty carried a little too much puppy fat with the low self-esteem, and confidence that went with it.  Somewhere between 16 and 17 I discovered weight training and focused more on my nutrition, which brought about a new self-confidence, and the rest as they say is history.

After a spell of developing a passion for health and fitness I was introduced to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Muay Thai - I was hooked! I can proudly say that the old school methods of training are still alive and well today and with reference to BJJ and MMA - Sink or swim! Being constantly paired with, and quite frankly manhandled by stronger, heavier and more experienced guys made me long to be stronger, faster and more powerful to keep up with them, which is where my passion for strength, conditioning and nutrition evolved.

Training for me has always been a kind of 'therapy'. Let's me escape the world from all distractions and just 'be'. My goals at the moment are to become a better rounded athlete with performance goals rather than aesthetics alone, that is, stronger, faster, more flexible, etc. I'm really enjoying combining strength and conditioning work at the moment with a mixture of sessions focussed on lifting but also others including strongman circuits and sprints out doors.

Supplementation has always been a really important consideration for me. A lot of the time my training is first thing, shortly after waking before I attack the day. As you can imagine I can't always stomach a meal in the short amount of time I have in the morning which is where products such as PhD Amino Drive come in handy. A small dose of caffeine and the Amino acid profile of it is enough to carry me through a strenuous session without detriment to my performance or over filling my stomach with whole foods so close to exercise.

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