Product Review: PhD Intra BCAA+

Branched chain amino acid drinks have been around a little while now and are seen as a staple for many modern athletes and fitness goers.

 Here we have been trying out the PhD Intra BCAA+. This product has a solid BCAA foundation, with the addition of L-Glutamine, Coconut Water Powder, Vitamin C plus other essential and non-essential amino acids from Hydrolysed Whey Protein Isolate.

At first glance, this appears to be a top quality product and as it’s coming from PhD Nutrition it’s no surprise being the premium brand they are.
Now let’s dig a little deeper and go into the raw details…

Ingredients Per Serving (15g)


Per serving there is 6900mg of branched chain amino acids which have been given in a 4:1:1 ratio as follows:

4: L-Leucine
1: L-Isoleucine
1: L-Valine
This ratio makes sense as L-Leucine is known for being the main amino acid responsible for protein synthesis/recovery, so having plenty of L-Leucine is most welcome for a fitness enthusiast!
To add, the BCAAs are instantised for easy mixing and digestibility.


Per serving there is the benefit of a generous 2400mg helping of L-Glutamine.

Additional Amino Acids

Further to the BCAAs there are also other essential and non essential amino acids derived from the high end protein source, Hydrolysed Whey Protein Isolate.
If you’re looking for concentrated amino acids, this product fits the bill.

Vitamin C

As an added bonus to the PhD Intra BCAA+ we have Vitamin C to assist combat tiredness and fatigue during tough workouts and/or during the day.

Coconut Water Powder

The benefits of coconut have been added to this product, as of recently Coconut related items have really taken off due to the the potential health benefits and naturally occurring electrolytes. The PhD BCAA Intra+ takes advantage of this by adding it to the ingredient profile to complement the amino acid foundation.

Taste & Mix-ability

When BCAAs were first released years ago, they didn’t mix all that well. You could see little bits on the surface when mixed with water and bits in suspension within the water too, not here thought - this product mixes great, big thumbs up there!
Taste wise, the flavours work well and aren’t sickly or too strong - they are rather refreshing actually and provide something to look forward to (especially for those dieting).

Who Is This For?

Realistically, this is for the intermediate onward who has a decent diet and training plan and is looking for that extra edge during a workout, or for those wanting to sip on a refreshing amino drink during the day.
Overall a solid intra-workout from PhD Nutrition.

Check out PhD BCAA Intra+ here >

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