Product Review: Sci MX Pro V-Gain Protein

Hey’s review time again!

So, it’s getting cold outside and many of us are entering our Mass Building phase to coincide with the season change.

Today, we’ve got a Plant Based gainer from Sci MX which offers some great benefits for pretty much anybody including those on a plant based diet.

Plant based products are becoming more popular as you may have noticed and here we have a product that we’ve tested out for a little while now.

In this review we’re going to go into a little more detail about our experience and general thoughts.

Ingredients & Nutritional Profile

Sci Mx V-Gain Ingredients - Discount Supplements

Ingredients wise, with this being a high protein based gainer the main ingredients are protein sources which include:

  • Soy Protein Isolate
  • Pea Protein
  • Rice Protein

The above ingredients contribute heavily to the 73g of protein per 100g - which is pretty impressive for a plant based product!

So if you’re a vegan or you eat plant based then this is certain a great option for getting in some serious protein!


Then we have some quality carbohydrate sources within the Sci MX Pro V-Gain Protein product.

This is their exclusive ModCarb ™ formula which uses; oat bran, quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat & millet.


In addition to the above the product also has added Vitamins B6 & B12, Zinc and Magnesium plus it’s Gluten Free...meaning this had wide range appeal.

Taste & Texture

Sci Mx V-Gain Scoop - Discounts Supplements

If you’re used to plant based products, you’ll certainly think this is one of the better products available. Sci MX hasn’t chosen to use exotic flavours here and that’s a good thing as plant based ingredients don’t generally tend to flavour that well with certain flavours. Here however the flavour is good and it’s fairly easy to drink when you use enough water, it can be quite thick if you don’t use enough water so we certainly recommend adding enough water so that you’re happy with the texture.

If you’re used to some of the better whey protein based gainers or protein powders, then this will be different and not ‘as good’ as you’re used to. However that said, the reason you’d want to go for a product like this is because you want the ingredients and not just a product that tastes good.

This is a great product in its class and comparing it to non plant based products wouldn’t really be fair when it comes to taste, but even so...we think it’s good!

Who It’s Ideal For

The kind of person who this will appeal to is someone who is on a plant based/vegan diet and wants more protein and calories in their nutritional plan from a easy to consume, convenient and quick product such as the Sci MX Pro V-Gain Protein.


Sci Mx V-Gain - Discount Supplements

The Sci MX Pro V-Gain Protein is an excellent overall product in its class, plant based products have come a LONG way and this is one of the better options available today for those in the market looking for a plant based protein gainer with a few added extras too!

Check out Sci Mx Pro V-Gain Protein here >

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