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We all know we need protein if we are going to gain muscle. But just which type of protein is best? What should be used? And at which times? It can all look complicated to begin with but after reading this, you should have a firm grasp on all the different types of protein and when to take each.

Every day, you should be aiming for about 1.5g protein per lb of bodyweight. This equates to(to work out weight in pounds, times stones by 14, 10 stone = 140lbs)

190g for a 125lb person
225g for a 150lb person
265g for a 175lb person
300g for a 200lb person
Etc etc

Sometimes this can be a hassle, especially if you don’t like meat, or are lactose intolerant. Maybe because you have a small appetite, or you might just not have the time. In fact, sometimes it is better to have a protein powder full stop. There is no need to worry though as there is an answer here. Protein powders. They are convenient, easy and tasty. Just what you need. Here is a rundown on what is best, and when.


In my opinion the most important protein to a bodybuilder. This is absorbed into the bloodstream extremely quickly (about 30-60mins) and will give you an instant hit of high quality protein. It is highest in the most anabolic amino acids(broken down proteins) called Branched chain amino acids(BCAA). And also increases levels of glutathione, the most important antioxidant in the human body. Because of these qualities it is best taken 1 hour pre workout, and immediately post workout. I would advise 0.2g per lb of boyweight pre workout, and 0.3g per lb post workout. With the same amount again post workout. Something like this:

25g pre, 36g post for a 125lb person
30g pre, 45g post for a 150lb person
35g pre, 50g post for a 175lb person
40g pre, 60g post for a 200lb person

This will ensure that the healing process it quickly started after you have broken down your muscles after training.

Casein protein

The second constituent of milk protein (whey being the 1st) this is the complete opposite of whey. It is absorbed very slowly, and will provide a constant flow of nutrients to your muscles. It is best used overnight, when you are asleep and unable to feed your muscles. I would not advise it post workout, as It may slow the absorption of the faster absorbing whey when you need it most. Casein protein will stay in your system for roughly 6hours. If taken with a source of quality fat (10-15g of UDO’s choice oil for example) it could stay with you for up to 8 hours. Perfect for night time.

I would advise roughly 0.3g per lb of bodyweight of casein protein immediately before bed. This equates to:

36g for a 125lb person
45g for a 150lb person
50g for a 175lb person
60g for a 200lb person

This will ensure your muscles don’t get broken down overnight when you cant get any food down.

Egg protein / protein blends

These are what you should be using at other times of the day. When you don’t want super fast absorbing protein (whey) but you don’t want super slow release protein (casein). Egg protein comes from… you guessed it. Eggs. Egg protein is absorbed in roughly 3-4 hours, so will give you a steady flow of nutrients between meals. It is also, like whey, very high in BCAA’s, so will keep your body in a very anabolic state throughout the day.

Another option is straight milk protein (although slightly lacking in whey) it is a mixture of casein (~80%) and whey ( ~20%). I would advise adding 100g whey protein powder to each kg of milk protein that you buy, to even this out a little. That way you will have the fast acting, super anabolic whey protein burst for about an hour, backed up by the slow release of the casein to last you to your next meal. Other options are 50/50 blends of whey/casein. In the end though, everyone responds differently to diefferent things. Some may benefit more from extra whey, and some extra casein. Experiment and see what works best for you.

Soy protein

Vegan? Lactose intolerant? Do not fret. Soy protein is your saviour. It is made from 100% soya beans, and hence contains no lactose and no animal produce what so ever. The rumours that is increases oestrogen in males are also false. These were merely lies introduced by companies that produce whey protein. Soy can be used like any of the above powders if the previous options aren’t possible.

A list of the best, and best priced protein powders can be found here:

Protein at

If you want a run of the mill flavour. Chocolate or strawberry flavour for example Optimum Nutrition’s whey is a god starter for any beginners. For those of you with a more exotic tongue, Primaforce Substance Whey protein isolate is available in grape flavour, and will soon be available in watermelon flavour. I would also advise Optimum nutrition’s “anabolic milk protein” as a blend protein, as it has lots of extra goodies thrown it. Check out the ingredient list for more info. And finally, Reflex “Micellar casein protein” as a source of casein.

If only 1 can be purchased, I would go with the whey protein, as that is what I have received the most gains from.


In conclusion:

Whey: Fast absorbing (30-60 minutes) High percentage BCAA. Take pre and post workout

Casein: Slow absorbing (6-8hours) Take pre bed with a source of fat

Egg/Protein Blends: Take throughout the day for that extra hit of protein.

Soy: Another source for those of you who are lactose intolerant/ are against eating animal produce.

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