Protein Questionnaire : Test Your Knowledge!

Protein Questionnaire

Test Your Knowledge…

This questionnaire is not designed to drag back memories of sitting at school with an examiner peering down at you. Rather its intended purpose is to support your nutrition, health and training goals by identifying areas you don’t currently know or understand, to reinforce your current understanding, or even just as a little bit of light hearted fun.

The correct answers will be posted later this week for your information, so with no further delay, answer away…

1.) Have you ever taken protein as a nutritional supplement?
Yes   _____

No   _____

(If ‘Yes’ please go to question 2)

(If ‘No’ please go to question 4)

2.) What type of protein, or protein constituent (i.e.amino acids) do you take?

-Amino acids
-Protein blend

3.) What made you decide to use supplements?

-Own decision/research

4.) Please state any other supplements that you have taken:

-Weight gain supplements
-Isotonic/energy drinks/gels
-Nutrition bars


Protein Specific

1.) In relation to your sporting performance/physique, what is the main feature that makes protein useful as a supplement?

-Provide a slow, progressive release of amino acids to muscles
-Provide a fast release of amino acids to muscles
-You have a greater storage capacity for whey compared to casein
-It provides more essential amino acids than other proteins
-Don’t know


-For a slow, progressive release of amino acids to muscles
-For a fast release of amino acids to muscles
-You have a greater storage capacity for casein compared to whey
-It provides more essential amino acids than other proteins
-Don’t know

Amino acids:

-For their superior rate of absorption
-For their reported role in the immune system and reduction in muscle breakdown
-They provide better quality amino acids
-They help to breakdown protein in the body
-Don’t know

2.) What is the main role of protein supplements? (Select 1 or more answers):

-To increase muscle size
-To replenish electrolyte and other minerals
-To help you concentrate
-To increase ability to repair muscle
-Don’t know

3.) What would you say is the approximate recommended Protein range for a moderately active person over the course of a day?

-Approx 0.5-1g per kg bodyweight
-Approx 1.4-2.0g per kg bodyweight
-Approx 3.3-4.4g per kg bodyweight
-Approx 4.4-5.5g per kg bodyweight

4.) Protein is more readily absorbed by the body when consumed with (please select 1 or more answers):

-A regular exercise routine
-High glycaemic index (fast release) carbohydrate (e.g. table sugar, dextrose, white bread)
-Low glycaemic index (slow release) carbohydrate (e.g. pasta, porridge etc)
-Milk and dairy produce
-Don’t know

5.) Some potential short term side effects of protein supplementation may (although these are rare) include (Please select 1 or more answers):

-Reduced urine output
-Flatulence (wind)
-Don’t know

6.) When ideally would you consume an amino acid and/or protein source in relation to your gym session?

-1 hour after session
-Within 30mins after session
-Within 30mins before session
-Both within 30mins before and within 30mins after session
-Don’t know

7.) Regularly exceeding a supplement recommended dose may (Please select 1 or more answers):

-Increase strain on kidneys
-Reportedly reduce bone mineral density
-Impair hearing
-Irritate skin
-Don’t know

8.) The most biologically available source of protein (most readily absorbed by the body) is:

-Pea Protein
-Egg Protein
-Whey Protein
-Soya Protein
-Hemp Protein
-Brown Rice Protein
-Don’t know

If you have any queries re: any of the questions you answered in this questionnaire then do not hesitate to call Tom, our Sports Nutritionist for more information.


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  • Kieran Ryan
    December 18, 2013 Kieran Ryan

    Hi Tom, I read your questionnaire at and I was just wondering if there were answers to this questionnaire, if so, could you email them to me, you would be helping me out a lot, thanks.

    • Tom

      Hello Kieran,

      There are answers to these questions but the link seems to have broken. We will look into correcting this and getting the answers re-posted. Kind regards and Happy New Year!

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