The Best Protein Shakes Out There For Your Goals...

Protein this, protein that but what does it all mean and do you really need it? Without giving you the full spill quite simply, yes you do and you should use protein if you want to achieve good results. This is not a sales pitch, this isn't Discount Supplements looking to boost sales, this is just my view on why you should use a protein and which ones are best for your goals.


This type of supplement is somewhat underestimated with just how important it is to ensure we have enough protein in our diets on a daily basis. Have you ever worked out really hard and notice that your muscles ache? Your muscles require protein so that they can repair and rebuild to be more effective than before. This will help seriously reduce the aches you get from training and it will help speed up your recovery process so that you can exercise quicker without as many rest days. Protein keeps you full and helps work with your metabolism so that you burn more fat, it really is a win-win situation and that is why it's so crucial to have in your diet.

Best Proteins For Lean Gains

If you are looking for a protein powder which will support your goals of wanting to stay lean and athletic then fear not, we have some great ones for you to use. We understand that even though this time of year some guys want to get really big, there are also others like yourself who want to stay lean and watch your body fat levels. Myself, I prefer to stay lean and keep body fat minimal so here are three excellent protein powders to choose from...

USN Whey Protein - This protein powder is high in protein as it contains 24g per scoop with all the amino acids too. It is very low in calories, carbohydrates and sugars which makes it a top product to use.

PhD Pharma Whey HT - Another protein powder which is similar to the above is this one from PhD. It contains 37g of protein per 50g scoop which gives you that bit more should you require it. Again, this contains all the amino acids that also aid in muscle growth and repair.

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard - Finally, this protein powder seems to be a favourite amongst protein users and has won multiple awards over the past 8 years. It contains 24g of protein, full of amino acids and is low in everything else which makes it a popular choice. This will also mix well and tastes amazing within their extensive list of flavours for you to choose from.

Building Muscle AKA Bulking...

If however you are on the other end of the spectrum and don't care so much about body fat levels this time of the year, then these next three products might be for you. When you are wanting to increase size through gaining muscle you need to make sure you are consuming enough calories for this change to take place. One way of making sure you do this is by consuming a protein shake that is exactly that, full of calories and has a good amount of protein and carbohydrates. Here are my top three

PVL Mutant Mass - This tastes great and offers 1000 calories per 4 scoops with a high amount of protein and carbohydrates. I have used this product but I tend to find that consuming 1000 calories leaves me slightly bloated so I break this down into two shakes throughout the day. Therefore, I will give myself 500 calories and will be able to still eat other meals without jeopardising my goals of gaining mass.

ON Serious Mass - This product is another favourite and contains even more calories than PVL, it has a whopping 1300 and I would advise following the same as the above by using half the servings. This is a high protein/carbohydrate blend which also contains 1g of creatine.

Xl Nutrition Protein and Carbs - A cost effective product with 400 calories per serving that also delivers 5g of creatine per serving puts this final product in my top three. Mass gainers are well known for not containing that many servings because of the amount of scoops you have to put in, however this product either gives you 50 or 100 servings for 400 calories, which is why this is the most cost effective around.

For You Ladies...

Ladies, I save you the best until last because I know how important it is for you to have your protein too. There is a common misconception with females upon using protein and that is that it can make you bulky or look like a body builder, I assure you that neither are true. Just like us guys, it is crucial you have protein if you workout because you need it to support the muscles. A very popular brand that is used widely is PhD Diet whey because of it's great taste and amazing features.

PhD Diet Whey - This product contains a good amount of protein per serving and offers some fat burning ingredients which can also help you. If your goal is to lose weight or maintain what you have got then this product is for you. Another key factor about this product is that it contains flaxseed which can reduce cravings as it keeps you fuller for longer. This is certainly a product you should try and once you do I am sure you will stick to using for the foreseeable future :)

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