Protein Smoothie – Blueberry & Honey

The recent heatwave and glorious weather has been causing me to crave smoothies! But not all smoothies have to be calorific, full of fat and unwanted processed sugars.

There’s nothing quite like a fruity & refreshing muscle building Protein Smoothie to enjoy after a fasted workout in this heat!




XL Nutrition Xtra Whey – 1 Scoop

Almond Milk (Unsweetened) – 500ml

Frozen Blueberries – 100g

Honey (Optional) – 1Tbsp


Simply add all of the ingredients into a blender, or as seen in the video below, I like to use a hand blender just because it ensures no clumps or lumpy bits – the smoothest of smoothies.



The choice of ingredients is entirely up to yourselves, for example, if you prefer banana or strawberries, simply swap out the blueberries. However, be wary, some fruits such as bananas are quite calorie dense and contain a lot of natural sugars, thus increasing the overall calorie content of the smoothie.

The inclusion of XL Nutrition’s Xtra Whey in this recipe is a great way of ensuring that you optimise your recovery following any bout of exercise. The added amino acids also help assist with the recovery phase and with protein synthesis.

The natural sugars contained within the blueberries and honey also assist with nutrient delivery, meaning them vital proteins and amino acids are shuttled more effectively to the working or recovering muscles for repair.



What’s your favourite smoothie recipe? Comment below!

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