When To Take Protein Supplements

Protein supplements, when do you take them? Is there a time when they are most effective to take? Does it make a difference? Can we just eat a lot of protein at once and then that’s it for the day?
Well…let’s explore some of these points!

Is there a time when Protein Supplements are most effective to take?

We all need protein, however are there certain points during the day when protein is most effective?

Some products like protein powders for example are super convenient and very easy on the stomach too. These qualities make them ideal to take at points in the day when we are either stuck for time or when our stomachs may not be able to ‘handle’ a more heavy protein source. Following a tough workout, a big meal can often be the last thing we want to have! This is where consuming a protein shake can come in really handy - serving as a bridge between finishing the workout and eating our next meal an hour or two later when we’re ready. Doing this is a lot better than ‘force feeding’ ourselves a meal that will be hard to eat, as our stomachs can be fairly sensitive following a brutal workout.

Another time when protein supplements may be most ‘effective’ (or convenient) is for breakfast, try mixing some protein powder in with your porridge! Not only is this easy to eat in the morning and quick, but it tastes absolutely great!

Should we space our Protein intake across meals throughout the day?

Having a days worth of protein all at once, is probably not the best option for most people…not only would it be hard to do, but there’s evidence to suggest that it wouldn’t be as effective on muscle protein synthesis when compared to having multiple meals with protein throughout the day. This doesn’t mean having countless ‘hits’ of protein is best…but 3, 4 or 5 may be about right. Plus, you can work this around your life pretty easily too. Having protein all the time, may even make the body less sensitive to the protein you’re giving it.

Protein helps keep us full

Protein is a highly satiating macronutrient, meaning it keeps us full for some time. As this is the case, spacing it throughout the day (as above) makes even more sense. Also, if you’re considering having a high protein snack like a protein bar for example between meals..it can help you avoid snacking on high calorie snacks which can take us off course!

Vegetables can also help with this, so maybe have a protein bar with some fibrous vegetables to keep you fuller for longer…very useful when dieting.

So when is the ‘best time to consume protein supplements’?

Well as you can tell from this post, there may not be a ‘best’ time as such to consume protein supplements however there are times which may be better than others and you can use those times to your advantage for sure.

The main thing is that you’re getting enough protein each day and protein supplements can help you achieve that…even if you’re a busy person as protein bars and powders are super easy and quick to consume!

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